Dec 4 2015

Creating a Starcatching Color Palette for Peter

A show like Peter and the Starcatcher has an incredibly specific color palette, which means that we moved a lot of projects through the dye shop for this production,” says costume craftsperson Rachel Pollock.

Nov 30 2015

Holly Poe Durbin’s Costumes Bring Magic to Life

In our last post, Holly Poe Durbin described her design process from research to working with the costume team. Now, take a look as her creations are brought to life in our production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

Nov 19 2015

Lighting Designer Xavier Pierce on Finding Inspiration

To set the mood for Peter and the Starcatcher, lighting designer Xavier Pierce found inspiration from a variety of places, from his home in New York City and the work of artist Victor Eredel, to pictures and artwork such as the images we see below.

Nov 13 2015

Let’s Go Flying with Brendon Fox

Most children have fantasized about flying, and director Brendon Fox was no different. For him, flying meant freedom and exploration, and more importantly, escaping adults….

Nov 10 2015

Scenic Designer McKay Coble: Making a Magical Neverland

Through her intricate design of Neverland, scenic designer McKay Coble aims to transport the audience back to their childhood where magic feeds off itself and imagination. She wants to remind adults what it was like to be an imaginative kid and create something complicated out of nothing. “I want them to look at the set and go ‘Oh, I had a tree house like that, I had a fort. I’ve picked up a switch, and it was a sword.'”

Oct 28 2015

Meet Vivienne Benesch

It’s rare to discover a profound affinity with an organization—its artistic mission, its community, its artists and its values. But such was the case, I happily found, here at PlayMakers from the first time I stepped off the plane at RDU.

Oct 26 2015

Seminar Makes the Grade

The “brutally hilarious” Seminar has critics and audiences alike raving about this “bitingly funny” show.