Sep 20 2011

Making Hats for “In the Next Room”

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan We’re working on a really fun set of hats for the next show at work, Sarah Ruhl’s In the Next Room (or the vibrator play). The script is set in the 1880s, which means some great bustle costumes and of course hats! The action of the play takes place over… Read more »

Sep 16 2011

Vivienne Benesch on “In the Next Room”

Its title is titillating. Its subject matter, unusual. So what exactly is going on with In the Next Room (or the vibrator play), the PlayMakers’ first mainstage production of the season? “It’s a combination of sex farce and a Chekhov play with a little bit of Ibsen,” says director Vivienne Benesch. “But from a female… Read more »

Sep 9 2011

The Design of “A Number”

What was the inspiration for the haunting set design for A Number, the first PRC² production of the season? Costume and set designer Jan Chambers reveals that her design process began upon discovering the backstory actor Ray Dooley created for his character. After learning that Dooley decided that his character’s emotional problems arose from a… Read more »

Sep 5 2011

Some (fun) historical context for “In the Next Room”

Here’s a little historical background on the vibrator, to get you in the mood for our upcoming production of In the Next Room (or the vibrator play)… 1913 ad for White Cross vibrator A vibrator for every home! As electricity became an in-home convenience, the vibrator became the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified and available for… Read more »

May 23 2011

50th Anniversary Festivities in Jackson, MS

The Freedom Riders are returning to Jackson, MS. This week, people from all over the country will descend upon Jackson to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides of 1961. Playwright/Director/Actor Mike Wiley will bring their story to PlayMakers this Fall in the professional World Premiere of The Parchman Hour: Songs and Stories of… Read more »

Apr 13 2011

Tar and Feathers and BIG RIVER!

A new “behind the scenes” video! See Costume Designer Bill Black and Crafts Artisan Rachel Pollock give an inside look at the famous “tar and feathering” scene in Big River. Video by Braxton Hood. Big River runs April 6 – 24, 2011. Explore the show here.

Mar 31 2011

Behind the Scenes of BIG RIVER

Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look atBig River, our first musical in over a decade! Big River runs April 6 – 24, 2011. Learn more here.

Mar 28 2011

The Sound of BIG RIVER

Curious about how a Sound Designer approaches a musical? Watch the video below to see our resident sound designer Ryan Gastelum give some insight into the challenges of working on PlayMakers’ first musical in over a decade, and what it’s like to work with The Red Clay Ramblers! Click here to learn more about our… Read more »

Mar 18 2011

Announcing our 2011/2012 Season!

We’re thrilled to announce our terrific 2011/2012 season! Watch the video below to see Producing Artistic Director Joseph Haj give an overview of each of next year’s plays. Mainstage Season: In The Next Room(or the vibrator play) by Sarah RuhlSeptember 21 – October 9, 2011 The Parchman Hourwritten and directed by Mike WileyOctober 26 – November… Read more »

Mar 10 2011

Glimpses of BIG RIVER costumes

by Rachel Pollock Our final show of the season, Hauptman and Miller’s musical Big River, is in full swing in the costume shop at PlayMakers, and though I don’t have any completed projects to talk about yet, I do have some glimpses behind-the-scenes of things we’re working on… Shoes await rubberizing in the crafts facility. Freshly-begrimed raffia… Read more »