Oct 10 2011

Costuming the Freedom Riders, part 1

by Rachel Pollock, Costume Designer I’m currently designing costumes for a very exciting project, the professional world premiere of The Parchman Hour, a new play written and directed by Mike Wiley. The play chronicles the stories and songs of the Freedom Riders, a group composed mostly of college students who, during the summer of 1961,… Read more »

Oct 6 2011

“The Parchman Hour”: An introduction by Mike Wiley

by Mike Wiley, playwright and director of The Parchman Hour “We few, we happy few. We band of brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother…” Words so elequently written by William Shakespeare for the theatre and so bravely echoed by the Freedom Riders for the “beloved community” and… Read more »

Oct 3 2011

“PlayMakers as Matchmaker” by Matthew Greer

By Matthew Greer, who plays Dr. Givings in In the Next Room (or the vibrator play) Romance between actors playing opposite one another is nothing new—it’s a cliché without which a myriad of gossip shows and tabloid publications would likely starve. Acting is the only profession I can think of that demands co-workers (who are… Read more »

Sep 30 2011

Making hats for “In the Next Room”, part 3

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan Today, the trimming of the final two hats from In the Next Room! Recall from prior posts on this topic that the hat trim is intended to be a physical representation of the metamorphosis of the character of Mrs. Daldry over the course of the play, and that the first… Read more »

Sep 28 2011

Making hats for “In the Next Room”, part 2

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan I initially thought this was a two-part post but I’ve realized that I’m going to need to split this into three, I think. At the end of the prior post on the topic, all four multiples had been blocked into the desired shape, using a terra cotta flowerpot as a… Read more »

Sep 21 2011

Photos from In the Next Room!

We had our final dress rehearsal for In the Next Room (or the vibrator play) last night, and our production photographer Jon Gardiner was in the house to shoot our publicity photos. They look fantastic! The show is a lot of fun with brilliant actors, elaborate period costumes and a beautiful set, so we have… Read more »

Sep 20 2011

Making Hats for “In the Next Room”

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan We’re working on a really fun set of hats for the next show at work, Sarah Ruhl’s In the Next Room (or the vibrator play). The script is set in the 1880s, which means some great bustle costumes and of course hats! The action of the play takes place over… Read more »

Sep 16 2011

Vivienne Benesch on “In the Next Room”

Its title is titillating. Its subject matter, unusual. So what exactly is going on with In the Next Room (or the vibrator play), the PlayMakers’ first mainstage production of the season? “It’s a combination of sex farce and a Chekhov play with a little bit of Ibsen,” says director Vivienne Benesch. “But from a female… Read more »

Sep 9 2011

The Design of “A Number”

What was the inspiration for the haunting set design for A Number, the first PRC² production of the season? Costume and set designer Jan Chambers reveals that her design process began upon discovering the backstory actor Ray Dooley created for his character. After learning that Dooley decided that his character’s emotional problems arose from a… Read more »

Sep 5 2011

Some (fun) historical context for “In the Next Room”

Here’s a little historical background on the vibrator, to get you in the mood for our upcoming production of In the Next Room (or the vibrator play)… 1913 ad for White Cross vibrator A vibrator for every home! As electricity became an in-home convenience, the vibrator became the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified and available for… Read more »