On the eve of her wedding to another man, Mary dreams of meeting a young soldier, their blossoming love, and the winds of fate that blew them apart when he goes to battle in World War I. Haunting and achingly romantic. In the words of the playwright, “a memorial to both the Great War and Great Love.”

“[a] wonderfully tender, poignant story of innocent first love and the vicissitudes of fate”Broadway World


Apr 30 2015

Dreaming in Vivid Detail: Jade Bettin's Design for Mary's Wedding

In Stephen Massicotte’s Mary’s Wedding we follow Mary and Charlie through a dream sequence the night before Mary is supposed to get married. Costume designer, Jade Bettin’s, research coupled with her evident passion for the play have produced designs that are detailed and multifaceted. They create a canvas for actors Carey Cox and Myles Bullock to paint their… Read more »

Apr 21 2015

Director Cody Nickell on imagining his "dream play," Mary's Wedding

In Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicotte, two actors come together to create a dream sequence taking us through horse rides, battle scenes and tea parties that ultimately lead to the blossoming of their love. The character Charlie first addresses the audience and makes it perfectly clear that the events to follow are part of a… Read more »

Mar 19 2015

All's Fair in Love and War

Throughout the centuries the likenesses of love and war have proved intriguing. In literature, the idea that love and war belong to a distinctive sphere beyond regular rules of fairness is first attributed to poet...


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