Located in the Joan H. Gillings Center for Dramatic Art on the UNC Chapel Hill campus, the Paul Green Theatre is a 500-seat, thrust stage facility. It was completed in 1976, and renovated in 1996 for more comfortable seating and top-of-the-line rigging.

The cast of PlayMakers Repertory Company's

Seating Chart

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: Only row A is accessible without the use of stairs.

Paul Green Seating Chart
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Current Season in the Paul Green Theatre

Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood »

By Ken Ludwig Directed by Jessie Austrian If you had tickets to one of our cancelled performances and have not received a phone call or email from us, please contact us and let us know.Call our Box Office: 919.962.7529 Merry men, Maid Marian, and much merriment Original Music by the Red Clay Ramblers’ Jack Herrick... Read more »

Skeleton Crew »

Subscribe Now & Save! Buy Single Tickets By Dominique Morisseau directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton Where do you go when the line stops moving? At the start of the Great Recession, one of the last auto stamping plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. The long hours and demanding shifts have turned the line workers into... Read more »

She Loves Me »

Subscribe Now & Save! Buy Single Tickets Book by Joe MasteroffMusic by Jerry BockLyrics by Sheldon Harnick Directed by Kirsten Sanderson A holiday musical that goes straight to the heart In this romantic musical comedy of mistaken identity, there is no love lost between Amalia and Georg, two perfume clerks who can’t seem to find... Read more »

Jump »

Subscribe Now & Save! Buy Single Tickets By Charly Evon Simpson directed by Whitney White An unexpected bridge between sorrow and hope This funny, heartbreaking, and surprising new play takes us on a theatrical journey to a place where lights flicker, things fall from the sky, and a sister finds solace on a bridge. PlayMakers... Read more »

Life of Galileo »

Subscribe Now & Save! Buy Single Tickets By Bertolt Brecht Directed by Vivienne Benesch How long can a truth be denied? Galileo Galilei: father, hero, heretic. When a chance discovery leads to evidence of a seismic shift in scientific thinking, Galileo sparks a dangerous dispute with authority. To challenge the idea that the earth is... Read more »

How I Learned to Drive »

Subscribe Now & Save! Buy Single Tickets By Paula Vogel directed by Lee Sunday Evans A survivor’s guide to the rules of the road At once compassionate, heartbreaking, and unexpectedly funny, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play chronicles one woman’s journey to break the cycle—and silence—surrounding her sexual abuse at the hands of a beloved family member.... Read more »