Talitha Morena Moniz McMillion

PlayMakers: Native Gardens.

Education: Dramatic Art and Creative Writing double major; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics minor. Before coming to UNC, Talitha obtained an Associate of Arts.

Other: Talitha is a LatIndigenous storyteller and dedicated activist. Talitha has worked with organizations including Greenpeace, Charlotte Animal Activists, and an underground migrant assistance coalition for Latin American refugees. In 2019, they were a part of a political delegation to Colombia organized by AfroResistance to build international, working-class solidarity with Afro and Indigenous Colombians. In addition to being an Assistant Correspondent for PETA, Talitha is currently continuing to expand on their research and documentation of how the animal agriculture industry harms Latin American lands, people, and animals.

Instagram: @talithhaaaa

Facebook: @TalithaMoniz

Twitter: @talithhaaaa

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