“Closing the Henries” by Kelsey Didion

Kelsey Didion

“…and so ends my catechism.”

I type this entry in limbo. Henry IV has just closed with a final matinee, and this evening will be the second-to-last performance of Henry V. It seems somewhat surreal that this massive journey is coming to an end. After 5 weeks of rehearsal, 6 weeks of shows, and what will be a grand total of 40 performances, these plays are in our bones. We’ve lived with these characters for so long, it’s hard to say goodbye to them.

Thankfully, these plays promise to have a lasting impression: the joy of witnessing Shawn Fagan follow Hal’s enormous journey; the privilege and delight of sharing scenes with Cody Nickell’s Hotspur; watching Jeff Cornell discover Pistol in the rehearsal hall; the music of all the different languages and dialects between these two shows; fitting two monarchies, a tavern, Wales, and various battlefields on our “wooden O”—and how could anyone ever forget Michael Winters’ Falstaff?

Saying goodbye to Henry IV and V leaves me with a great sense of pride in our company, our “band of brothers.” It’s been an incredible ride, one I am deeply grateful for and will always remember.

– Kelsey Didion