Composing Music for “Love Alone”

By Peter Mark Kendall, Composer for Love Alone

Peter Mark Kendall

I was thrilled when Vivienne Benesch approached me to do the music for Love Alone. I composed a few songs for the premiere production at Trinity Rep two years ago, but my involvement was pretty minimal. So, in the PlayMakers production, I’ve created every piece of music in the play. This time around, I wanted to create a sense of what Clementine’s music sounds like – something complex, intelligent, fun, and visceral – while still keeping in mind the other characters, and the medical and personal worlds that exist in the play. It’s Clem’s music, but hopefully it tells everyone’s story. I’ve also tried to create tonal shifts in the music, so as the play progresses, the music helps carve out the emotional journeys that the characters experience. The audience might hear music influences such as Wye Oak, Buke and Gase, Pedro the Lion

Thanks to PlayMakers for being a wonderful place to work. Enjoy! 

Arielle Yoder as Clementine. Photo by Jon Gardiner.