Exuberance in Urinetown

By: Mark Lewis, Music Director


“It’s a show.”
“Urine, as in, like …?”
“Yeah.  The music’s great.” [Actual conversation I had.]
Today we’re rehearsing “Snuff That Girl”, so naturally everyone is in a good mood. The juvenile delinquent faction of the rebels has kidnapped the boss’ daughter. She’s tied up. A mean jazz beat starts.
“Cops will be here
Bustin’ heads
Mighty quick
But we’ll beat them to the punch
when we snuff out that chick”
Drum solo. 
Look! It’s the hero. It’s Bobby Strong. How’d he get here? We’ve moved on to “Run, Freedom, Run”.
The hits just keep comin’.
The cast stands by while the director talks to the choreographer. Like me, they can’t wait to do the song, a high energy gospel satire. I admire their patience. The cast is all high school age actors.

Oh no, it’s hand claps in theater! They always get off the beat, it’s inevitable.

I’m playing away, the cast is circling behind me chanting “Hallelujah!”

I was going to tell them to sing out with exuberance – but I wouldn’t have been heard. Not with all this exuberance around.

Urinetown: The Musical will be showing July 19 – July 22
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