First Rehearsal – The Joys of a Read-Through

We rarely take photos of first rehearsal, but when it comes to the biggest show in our history, exceptions have to be made. The first rehearsal is typically  a read-through, as you’ll see here. 

This is our rehearsal hall, which is large enough to tape out the actual specs of the stage. With a set as amazing as McKay Coble’s, the taping process includes a complicated color-coded system of tape, indicating everything from stairs to moving platforms. 

Co-directors Tom Quaintance and Joseph Haj confer during rehearsal 
(also company member Kenneth P. Strong and playwright David Edgar)

Playwright David Edgar joined the company for the first week of rehearsals
(also pictured stage manager Sarah Smiley)

Long-time company members Ray Dooley, Dede Corvinus and David Adamson

Associate DDA Chair and company member Jeffrey Blair Cornell, acting graduate student Joy Jones, and undergraduates Sarah Berk and Jeb Brinkley, and Allison Altman (recent graduate from UNC and the Department of Dramatic Art.)
Guest actor Justin Adams (Nicholas) prepares for the read-through

While the company was doing table work, everyone gathered in our rehearsal hall, however that phase was completed on Saturday and now they’ve divided into two spaces in order to double the rehearsal time. More pictures will be coming soon!