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Only Intermission

The magic of live theatre is its ability to bring together people from all walks of life in order to experience beautiful stories as a community. Until we are safely able to gather again, we have created PlayMakers (keeping you) Company, an online series of artist conversations, master classes, and yes, eventually, performances. Questions? Read more…

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Stuck Monologues

We commissioned a series of monologues in the theme of “stuck” from local playwrights! Company members past and present stepped up to the plate and knocked home a dozen stellar monologues.

Welcome to the Stuck Monologues!

“Farmer’s Market” by Mike Wiley
starring Kathryn Hunter-Williams

plus many more…

Virtually, Viv

Bi-weekly chats between Producing Artistic Director Vivienne Benesch theatre artists from across the industry, both nationally and closer to home.

Episode 7  Viv welcomes back poet, rapper, and community organizer Kane Smego ahead of his Temples of Lung & Air encore. Friday, September 11.

Episode 5  Viv chats with her dear friend, two-time Emmy-nominee and your favorite Jewish mother, Marin Hinkle.

Episode 4  Viv chats it up with one of our favorite local playwrights: Mike Wiley!

Episode 3  Featuring award-winning actor of stage & screen, UNC alum Billy Crudup

plus many more…

Think Like an Actor

Take monthly acting classes from beloved company member Ray Dooley. Early classes will focus on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“To Be or Not to Be,” Monday, April 20. In this first Think Like an Actor Ray takes a deep dive into Shakespeare’s most famous speech.

“Get Thee to a Nunnery,” Monday, June 22.  Ray Dooley teaches you how to approach a complex scene like an actor might.

plus many more…

I Am A PlayMaker

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More from PlayMakers

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