Nickleby Cast List & Read-Through

Cast list posted outside PlayMakers Rehearsal Hall (scroll down for readable version)

PlayMakers company members attended a two-day casting read-through in April. 

Several actors were still performing PRC’s production of Pride and Prejudice, explaining the sideburns. Jeffrey Blair Cornell attended the read-through all day and became Mr. Bennet on the Paul Green stage at night. 

Vocal Coach Bonnie Raphael (in green) started each day of the read-through with a series of warm-ups.



Marianne Miller:         Kate Nickleby, Miss Ledrook

Alice Whitley:           1st Maid, Tilda, Milliner, Master P. Crummles, Wanda

Julie Fishell*:          Mrs. Nickleby, Mrs Grudden, Peg Sliderskew

DeDe Corvinus*:           Miss La Creevy, Rich Lady, Mrs. Crummles, Mrs. Squeers

Lenore Field:          Miss Knag, Mrs. Curdle, Mrs. Lenville, Mrs. Wititterly, 1st Customer

Joy Jones*:                    Mme Mantalini, Miss Snevellicci, 1st Waitress, Young Woman (2.3.4)

Flor de Liz Perez:        Hannah, Snawley Jr, Rich Daughter, Milliner, Ms. Bravassa, Walter, Mrs. Snawley

Allison Altman:           2nd Maid,  Fanny, Milliner, Miss Belvawney, Madeline Bray

Sarah Berk:                   Phib, Mobbs, Milliner, Fiancee, Infant Phenomenon, 2nd Waitress


Guest Artist (TBA):  Nicholas Nickleby

Derrick Ledbetter*:      Cobbey, Milliner, Crummles company, Verisopht, New Smike

John Brummer:          Muffin Boy #1, Jennings, Milliner, Mr. Scaley, Crummles Company, Mr. Pyke, Young Man (Frank)

Ray Dooley*:                  Ralph Nickleby, Crummles company

Kenneth P. Strong*:                  Newman Noggs, Crummles company, Handsaw

Jeffrey Blair Cornell*:  Coachman, Mr. Crummles, Ned Cheeryble, Proprietor  

Jason Powers:          Smike, Croupier

Scott Ripley*:          Flunkey, Mr. Squeers, Mr. Fluggers, Charles Cheeryble

Jimmy Kieffer*:          John Browdie, Mr Pailey, Mr. Curdle, Hawk

David McClutchey:      Jackson, Mr. Pupker, Mr. Lenville, Arthur Gride, Brooker

David Adamson*:          Footman, Old Lord, Col.Chowser, Mr. Wagstaff, Tim Linkinwater

Kahlil Gonzalez-Garcia:  Muffin Boy #2, Belling, Milliner, Mr. Tix, Mr. Bane, Mr. Pluck

Jeffrey Meanza*:          Mantalini, Young Wackford, Mr. Folair, Alphonse, 2nd Customer, Minister

Prince T. Bowie:          Officer #1 (1.1.2 & 2.3.3), Coates, Mr. Snawley, Mr Hetherington

Matthew Murphy:           Snawley Snr., Master Crummles, Mr. Wititterly, Angry Fellow, Walter Bray

Jeb Brinkley:                Officer #2 (1.1.2 & 2.3.3), William, Bolder, 1.2.13 – Flunky2, Landlord, Crummles Company, Wilbur


Note:  Brummer, Flor, Sarah and Kahlil are listed as Milliners and as characters who appear in Milliner scenes; in those scenes they will not be playing milliners.

Crummles Company:
Mr. Vincent Crummles (CAPULET) – Jeff C.
Master Crummles (taller) (BALTHAZAR) – Matt
Master Percy Crummles (JULIET’S LITTLE BR

OTHER) – AliceMrs. Crummles (LADY CAPULET) – DeDe
Mr. Bane who does the tenor lovers (PARIS) – Kahlil
Mr. Wagstaff who’s our virtuous old gentleman (PRINCE) – David Adamson
Mr. Pailey who is country comical (WATCHMAN) – Jimmy
Mr. Fluggers who does the cloth (FRIAR LAWRENCE) – Scott
Mr. Hetherington, who swaggers (MERCUTIO) – Prince
Miss Bravassa ( BENVOLIO/BENVOLIA) – Flor
Miss Belvawney who does the pages in white hose; (PARIS’ PAGE) – Allison
Mr. Lenville – (TYBALT) – David McClutcheyMrs. Lenville (LADY MONTAGUE) – Lenore
The Infant Phenomenon (ROMEO’S LITTLE SISTER) – Sarah
Mr. Folair – (MONTAGUE) – Jeff M.
Mrs. Grudden, Stage Manager –(NURSE) – Julie F.
Miss Snevellicci – (JULIET) – Joy
Miss Ledrook who’s our secondary romance (ROSALINE) – Marianne
Smike (APOTHECARY) – JasonNicholas (ROMEO) – Guest

PLEASE NOTE: OTHER 5 ACTORS ARE R+J EXTRAS (John B, Ray, Ken, Derrick and Jeb)

* Indicates members of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.