Part II in Pictures

Part II of Nicholas Nickleby had its first post-Opening performance yesterday afternoon, so it seems now would be a great time to post pictures from that half of the show. 

Before we get into Part II, however, director Tom Quaintance sent me this first photo. He received it on Opening Night from Chinatown screenwriter, Robert Towne. It’s nice to have so many people rooting for the success of this show!

Onto the production photos (all taken by Jon Gardiner). 

Jeffrey Blair Cornell & Scott Ripley as The Cheerybles

The Crummles Company
Dede Corvinus & David Adamson

Lenore Field & David McClutchey in front, surrounded by cast,
all part of  The Crummles Company

Jimmy Kieffer as Hawk and Marianne Miller as Kate Nickleby

David McClutchey & company

Dede Corvinus as Mrs. Crummles

Kahlil Gonzalez-Garcia, Julie Fishell and Derrick Ledbetter

Jeffrey Blair Cornell, Justin Adams and Scott Ripley
Nicholas meets The Cherrybles
Jason Powers as Smike and Justin Adams as Nicholas Nickleby

Scott Ripley as Squeers and The Crummles Company

Justin Adams and Derrick Ledbetter

Ray Dooley, Weston Blakesley & Scott Ripley

Composer and Sound Designer Sarah Pickett provides all the show’s sound effects & music from her nest above the stage.