Seed Art Share Report and Special Project

For the 2023/24 season, we implemented a new initiative in collaboration with Raleigh’s Seed Art Share. We made their Share the Show childcare program available for every show of the season. Share the Show is an onsite childcare option for children aged 4-12, filled with theatre activities that will keep them entertained and engaged while you enjoy the performance!

With just one show left this season and a new one about to begin, we would like to update you on the success of the Share the Show program. We are pleased to report that it has received positive feedback from both parents and their children.

“Thank you all for this incredible project! We would not be able to attend the theatre otherwise.” – Parent, PlayMakers Subscriber

“[Because of Share the Show] we have been able to go to a performance again for the first time since we became grandparents”

“Seed Art Share is so great, and PRC should do it all the time!” – Parent, PlayMakers Subscriber

We also have quotes from the children who attended the Fat Ham Share the Show:

Today at Share the Show I…

“Cooked cheeseburgers at the BBQ for my friends and family!”

“Learned about food props”

“Created dance moves to learn everybody’s names”

Because of the positive responses from our patrons, we have decided to continue our Share the Show for the 2024/25 Season! To see more about next season and to become subscribers, visit our subscription page here to learn more.


Want to know more about Seed Art Share?

Come play with us this spring with an exciting FREE 5-day theatre camp. Inspired by our upcoming world premiere of The Game.

Students ages 8-14 are invited to join Seed Art Share artists to develop an interactive, site-specific play they will present for audiences at Carrboro’s Open Streets Festival and PlayMakers Repertory Company.  Audiences will move throughout the “choose your own adventure”  type game exploring multiple endings centered around the theme of reclaiming public streets for recreation. The 5-day camp is FREE to all participants and supported by the Orange County Arts Commission and the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Program Dates and Times 

March 25-27, 4-6 pm PlayMakers Repertory Company

March 28, 4-6 pm The Arts Center of Carrboro

April 6, 10 am – 2pm PlayMakers Repertory Company
April 7, 10-2 pm Open Streets Festival – Performance

April 14, 3-7 pm Performance following the matinee of The Game at PlayMakers Repertory Company 

The Camp

At the heart of Ciclovia: ‘The Game’ lies a 5-day camp where participants will collaborate with Seed Art Share artists, crafting the game’s storyline and interactive elements. Through guided prompts and creative exercises, campers will contribute their ideas and insights, infusing the experience with their unique perspectives. This program offers young minds a platform to express themselves, fostering creativity, collaboration, and community spirit.

The Schedule

  • March 25-27, 4-6 pm PlayMakers Repertory Company – Students will work with Seed Art Share instructors on story development and rehearsing scenes.  
  • March 28, 4-6 pm The Arts Center of Carrboro – We will create any props and necessary costume pieces
  • April 6, 10 am – 2pm PlayMakers Repertory Company – We will come back together as a team to put it all together, rehearse as a team and prepare for the shows.