The Shot

A tour de force by Emmy-nominated actor Sharon Lawrence, inspired by the story of the most powerful woman in journalism. Before her legendary tenure at The Washington Post, where she defied the U. S. government by publishing both the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate story, Katharine Graham was an abused wife. Her resilience set the stage for her transformation into an emblem of power in the media world.

The Prom

Join us for a heartwarming and hilarious musical that celebrates love, acceptance, and standing up for what is right. The story follows Emma, a high school student who faces opposition from her school’s PTA for wanting to take her girlfriend to the prom. Broadway stars travel to Indiana to support Emma and become advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. With catchy tunes and a heartwarming message, The Prom is a joyful celebration of inclusivity and kindness.

The Prom is the culmination of PlayMakers’ Summer Youth Conservatory, a six-week practicum for high school students—both on stage and behind the scenes—combining top-notch teaching with unparalleled practical experience. Students work with professional directors, choreographers, musical directors, and theatre technicians to mount a professional quality production for all to enjoy.

Little Shop of Horrors

As hilarious as it is outrageous, this wild musical is a cult-classic set to a Motown groove. A mysterious plant promises fame and fortune to the downtrodden Seymour and his failing flower shop. But as the plant grows, so does its appetite. Will Seymour succumb to the allure, or can he resist the plant’s insatiable cravings?


This groundbreaking play weaves a tapestry of parallel struggles for two brilliant Black women living centuries apart. Sara, a Union spy during the Civil War, and Sandra, a modern-day university professor, confront intersecting biases of racism and sexism that feel all too familiar. It’s a radical, highly theatrical exploration that challenges perceptions and resonates with humor and intelligence.

Death of a Salesman

Bear witness to the tragic unraveling of Willy Loman, a weary salesman chasing the elusive American Dream. Amidst family strife and shattered illusions, his journey becomes a haunting exploration of identity, disillusionment, and the relentless pursuit of success. Experience one of the most powerful and enduring plays in American history.

The Christmas Case of Hezekiah Jones

Embark on a whimsical journey with Dizzle Jollyworth, one of Santa’s frontline elves. We find him struggling to find purpose in his North Pole life when he’s dispatched to North Carolina on a special mission – to reignite Christmas magic for a grief-stricken toymaker. Join us for a festive world premiere of a Christmas tale made just for you.

Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Explore 1950s Brooklyn with 17-year-old Ernestine Crump in this compelling story that sparkles with charm. Amid social upheaval and family challenges, follow the Crump family’s journey for the American Dream. Delicately weaving humor, heart, and nostalgia, it’s an unforgettable theatrical celebration that invites you to revel in the power of hope and resilience.

What the Constitution Means to Me

An exploration of the history of the Constitution turns into a hilarious and heartfelt journey into American identity. From teenage debates to adult reflections, this unforgettable tour de force will leave you feeling patriotic and energized. Brace yourself for laughter, a touch of chaos, and a front-row seat to democracy like you’ve never seen.

The Liberated Woman’s Songbook

Lamenting the roll-back on women’s rights around the world, folk singer-songwriter Dawn Landes re-imagines The Liberated Woman’s Songbook.

First published at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement, Landes’ smart and playful revision of this work leads us through a history of women’s activism, from the early 19th century through to the peak of Women’s Lib in the 1970s.

In concert Landes will be inviting different guest artists to join her and the band as they embody women from the past. This performance will feature very special guest Alice Gerrard, renowned folk singer.