The Monti


Hosted by The Monti’s Executive Director, Jeff Polish

The Monti and PlayMakers Repertory Company are teaming up on April 9 to present a show filled with ordinary people telling extraordinary stories. The narratives told are all completely true and centered on the theme of Home. This theme is inspired by PlayMakers’ latest production—Leaving Eden by Mike Wiley & Laurelyn Dossett—and will take place on the set of Leaving Eden during the production’s night off.

There are four requirements that all stories must follow:

  • All stories are true.
  • All stories are told without the use of notes.
  • All stories adhere to the twelve-minute time limit.
  • All stories must revolve around the theme, Home.

About The Monti

On April 22, 2008, The Monti debuted in the back room of a small Chapel Hill restaurant. The stories were raw, hilarious, poignant, tragic, and 100 percent real. Since then, the community-building organization has grown into an award-winning event whose stories are downloaded and viewed all over the world.