As early quarantine days had us feeling “stuck,” we called upon some of our favorite local playwrights to turn that feeling into art. Then members of your favorite acting company, past and present, worked their magic in bringing those monologues to life. Now we get to share those monologues with some of our favorite people—YOU!

We gave our playwright friends a “recipe” to turn our common moment of being stuck into something creative:

  • It must have at least one local reference
  • It must contain at least one joke.
  • It must fit well under the title of “stuck.”

Spread ’em out or binge ’em all at once, but whatever you do

enjoy The Stuck Monologues

Episodes drop daily beginning Monday, July 20


Click to play. Enlarge any video by clicking the [ ] in the bottom right hand corner the video as it’s playing.

“Starter” by Jacqueline E. Lawton
starring Kathryn Hunter-Williams

“stick vb stuck \: to be unable to proceed or move freely; to hold fast by or as if by gluing; to become jammed or blocked” by Julia Gibson, starring Allison Altman

“Heart. Beat. Stone” by Lynden Harris
starring Jeffrey Blair Cornell

“Leveraging Mr. Bumble” by Tamara Kissane
starring Gwendolyn Schwinke

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“STUCK” by Alejandro Rodriguez
starring Emmett Anderson

“Stuck in the Triangle” by Madeline Sunshine
starring Julia Gibson

“Addendum” by Mark Perry
starring Ray Dooley

“Ready” by Michael Perlman
starring Vivienne Benesch

Help Us Bring the Lights Up

“Superheroes” by Jacqueline E. Lawton
starring Tia James

“Passengers” by Khalil LeSaldo
starring Sarah Keyes


“Farmer’s Market” by Mike Wiley
starring Kathryn Hunter-Williams


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