Some Kind of Universe

Some Kind of Universe is a project made up of six individual “capsules of inquiry” in which each of our Professional Actor Training Program artists contemplated, created and collaged some of what made up their complex universe in the Fall of 2020. Filled with curiosity, passion, frustration, humor and sometimes brutal honesty, these collages are an expression of how creativity will out—and hopefully provide empathy and meaning to help us through.

Each capsule is wholly conceived by the individual actor—but the making of all of them is a true collaborative effort between the PATP, film supervisor & editor Christopher Ash, directors Tracy Bersley and Vivienne Benesch, sound designer Brandon Reed and Stage Managers (and newly appointed cinematographers) Liz Ray and Chuck Bayang. MFA candidates in Costume Production also contributed (can you spot the early 20th century hand made garments??)

Some Kind of Universe

Sergio Mauritz Ang

Anthony August

Tori Jewell

Khalil LeSaldo

AhDream Smith

Omolade Wey