Playbill for A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. PlayMakers Repertory Company. March 30-April 17, 2022. Joan H. Gillings Center for Dramatic Art | | 919.962.7529

The Cedars of Chapel Hill: A Life Plan Community.

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Letter from Viv. Vivienne Benesch, Producing Artistic Director
Dear Friends,

I’m so thrilled to be able to welcome you to the theater for a brilliantly inclusive production of one of the most impactful stories of the last 50 years. Written in 1962, “A Wrinkle in Time” has captured the imagination of millions of young people and adults alike, providing an honest examination of family and childhood through the lens of loss, physics, fantasy, and, most importantly: hope!

My first encounter with the novel was incredibly powerful. Reading a book that centered a young woman with agency, intelligence and creativity wasn’t often par for the course when I was growing up. But Meg’s narrative has a clear through line to characters like Katniss Everdeen in the hugely popular “Hunger Games” trilogy and even the recent success of novels like “Legendborn” by UNC Alumna (and former PlayMaker) Tracy Deon, featuring the character Bree Matthews on a powerful journey in the wake of her mother’s passing. The power of female characters in these epic narratives is long overdue, and Madeleine L’Engle’s “Wrinkle” is a true catalyst for all that was to come.

When we were looking at this season, I knew I wanted to have an offering that, after the isolation of the last several years, would provide families the chance to gather in the theater and experience something as a collective. And when I was thinking about a director for this project, Shelley Butler was top of the list. A hugely talented artist who has been at the center of new work in the American Theatre, and who has supported the important stories of women, her theatrical voice is finally coming home to North Carolina where she began as an undergraduate student in UNC’s Department of Dramatic Art. With her homecoming, she has brought a fantastic group of designers that have brought this beloved novel to life on stage. Her stunning team of actors and designers – along with PlayMakers’ exceptional production departments – have created a production I am honored to offer to our community.

Thank you so much for tessering with us from Chapel Hill to the universes beyond! I hope the experience is as transformative for you as it has been for us.



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Support PlayMakers. A Letter from Amy Guskiewicz, Advisory Council Chair

It is my pleasure to serve another year as the chair of the PlayMakers Advisory Council and welcome you back to the Paul Green Theatre stage for our 2021-22 season.

Our five-show season was born out of the need to celebrate the healing power of human connection after a year that challenged us all. We believe that the theatre will have an important role to play in making sense of the complex world in which we find ourselves in. When I walk out of PlayMakers after a show, I always say how lucky we are to have a theater with such world-class performances right here in Chapel Hill. This season, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience PlayMakers’ signature variety of shows, live and in person once again!

In addition to an impressive lineup of powerful performances, PlayMakers continues its work serving the Triangle community and beyond. We are privileged to provide unique learning opportunities for K–12 classrooms and UNC students, creating new ways to engage with our local artists and advocates, and make the power and joy of theatre accessible to underserved communities.

Theatre is and always will be a place for community. And it is up to us—the community—to ensure that PlayMakers continues to thrive. Gifts from patrons like you will be critical to our success as we navigate reopening after more than a year away from producing live theatre with in-person audiences. If you enjoy and believe in the power of the theatre as I do, I invite you to become a Friend of PlayMakers. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to the annual fund, pledge a monthly donation as a Sustainer, or offer a campaign gift to strengthen and sustain PlayMakers’ vision for the future.

I truly believe that there has never been a more important time to support the arts. Join me in championing our local theatre—an organization that makes a difference in our community. As Joan Gillings often said, “You will sit a little taller in your theatre seat, knowing you made a difference, too.”

Thank you!


Amy Guskiewicz


PlayMakers Advisory Council

Amy Guskiewicz, Chair
Betsy Blackwell, Vice Chair
Duncan Lascelles, Vice Chair
Joanne Garrett
Deborah Gerhardt
Bobbi Hapgood
Janelle Hoskins
Betty Kenan, emeritus
Stuart Lascelles
Robert Long, emeritus
Graig Meyer
Julie Morris
Florence Peacock
Diane Robertson
Wyndham Robertson
Carol Smithwick
Jackie Tanner
Mike Wiley

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

We Remember Joan Gillings

PlayMakers Repertory Company and the Department of Dramatic Art mourn the extraordinary loss of our dear friend, Joan H. Gillings, who passed away in February surrounded by family at her home in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Joan was a lover of the arts and her dedication and support of our work was unparalleled. As a member of the PlayMakers Advisory Council for over 10 years, and its chair for 7, she worked closely with our staff on a multitude of projects including serving as chair for our annual PlayMakers Ball for many years, participating in our Producing Artistic Director search in 2015, and building lasting relationships with our students and faculty. Her transformational gift in 2017 has allowed us to expand opportunities for our students, support dynamic new work on our stages, and enhance performance and outreach offerings in our community. For Joan, her philanthropy and enthusiasm always came back to one thing – “the kids,” as she liked to call them – and her love for UNC can be felt and seen all over our campus. She brought an unmistakable joy and enthusiasm every time she entered our building and we aspire to carry that spirit forward in everything we do.

We are forever grateful to have known Joan and are honored to carry on her transformational legacy through our work in the building that bears her name. She will be sorely missed.

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Who We Are

PlayMakers is…

“One of America’s Best Regional Theatres” (American Theatre Magazine), PlayMakers Repertory Company is North Carolina’s premier professional theatre company, proudly in residence on the dynamic campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The professional company was founded in 1976, growing out of a storied 100 year tradition of playmaking at Carolina. Our mission is to produce relevant, courageous work that tells stories from and for a multiplicity of perspectives. We believe that theatre can have a transformational impact on individuals and entire communities, and we are committed to the work of becoming an anti-racist organization whose work is accessible to all.

At the very heart of the PlayMakers experience is one of the nation’s last remaining resident theatre companies, made up of accomplished performers, directors, designers, artisans, and technicians, and supported by exceptional graduate students in UNC’s Department of Dramatic Art. Our company works side by side with guest artists from all over the world and our alumni include Pulitzer Prize, Tony®, Emmy®, and Grammy Award® winners.

Creating Tomorrow’s Classics, Today

Producing Artistic Director Vivienne Benesch is continuing PlayMakers’ tradition of producing vibrantly reimagined classics, large-scale musical theatre, and significant contemporary work, but is also broadening the company’s reach to become a home for new play development and a true hub of social and civic discourse in the region. Her first five seasons have already given life to ten important new American plays.

A Hub of Engagement

PlayMakers seeks to provoke thought, stimulate discussion and push the boundaries of the theatrical form in everything we do. Whether through our intimate @Play series, our mainstage offerings or our virtual line-up, we look for opportunities for direct, dynamic engagement between audiences, artists and thinkers. The Vision Series, post-show discussions and a host of unique engagement opportunities – including the continuation of last season’s online PlayMakers Keeping You Company – enrich our audience’s experience of the live arts.

Theatre for the People

PlayMakers Mobile is an initiative that seeks to contribute positively to the civic and social life of our region by taking world-class theatre out of our building and into the community. We create a streamlined production of a play each year and take it to schools, transitional housing facilities, and long-term treatment facilities around the Greater Triangle area. And best of all, it’s all free of charge. We look forward to getting back on the road as soon as we can do so safely.

Passing the Torch

PlayMakers’ award-winning Summer Youth Conservatory is the only professionally supported training program of its kind in the region. The Theatre Quest program provides camps to area middle school students, while the Theatre Intensive and TheatreTech programs allow Triangle high schoolers to apprentice directly with professional directors, choreographers, musical directors, and technicians, culminating in a professional quality production on the PlayMakers mainstage for the whole community to enjoy.

Eliminating Barriers

With a commitment to eliminating barriers for attendance when we host live events, PlayMakers offers All Access performances for our patrons living with disabilities, we offer accessible $20 tickets for all performances, and tickets reduced to just $10 for UNC students and $12 for all other students. Our Spotlight on Service program also offers complimentary tickets to local service organizations. This season, we are proud to offer complimentary tickets to front-line workers in honor of their ongoing service to the community. For more information, please contact

Our Mission

As the premiere professional theatre company of North Carolina, PlayMakers Repertory Company strives to produce entertaining, relevant, and courageous work that tells stories from and for a multiplicity of perspectives and creates transformational impact in our immediate and extended communities.

Our Vision


Our Values

Artistic excellence and artistry
Education and training
Community engagement
Access and equity
Financial health
Discovery and innovation
Collaboration and communication
Culture of support

Antiracism Accountability Statement

At the heart of PlayMakers Repertory Company’s mission is the belief that theater has the power to transform individuals and entire communities. There is no more aspirational or urgent a use of that power than working to dismantle the systems of oppression, white supremacy, and racism that pervade American life and consume the American Theatre. PlayMakers continues to assess and evaluate our own practices in order to embed equitable, antiracist policies into strategic planning, our mission, and our operations.

PlayMakers Repertory Company, and those of us who work here, commit to the following:

  • To work intentionally to create an antiracist culture in our company.
  • To continually educate ourselves on the ways in which we can combat racism locally and nationally as we move to create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable sense of belonging for every one of our constituents.
  • To demonstrate our values through action in our policies, practices, and procedures.

We are grateful to Black, Indigenous and People of Color artists and administrators within our local community as well as the larger theatrical community across the country for the resources they’ve expended, both in time and emotional labor. Their work lays an important foundation for us by articulating some of the harmful practices that must change immediately as well as identifying pathways for the long-term evolution that must follow. In that light, this document is the beginning of a response to the demands for change made by the anti-racist organization #WeSeeYouWhiteAmericanTheater.

As a professional theatre company embedded in, and inextricably linked to the Department of Dramatic Art (DDA) at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, the path forward will be complex and singular. We will therefore be updating our action items and commitments continuously as our work evolves.

We at PlayMakers understand our responsibility not only to the artists, staff, and audiences with which we engage, but significantly, to the many students training here for a career in the theater.

For more information on our next steps, please read our full statement here.

These are not our first steps, and by no means our last. They are not perfect. And they are not enough. But they are steps forward. We invite you to come back to our website and our theater often and monitor our progress. We take our responsibility to this effort seriously and we welcome your involvement and assessment.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the Center for Dramatic Art is located on the unceded lands of one or more of Abiayala’s (the Americas’) original sovereign nations, the name(s) of which have not yet been affirmed. The unjust acquisition of these Indigenous lands came about through a history of racism, violence, dispossession, displacement, and erasure of cultures by settlers as part of the larger, land-centered project of settler colonialism.
As we look to the future, please join us in acknowledging and learning about the atrocities committed against these Nations and work with us towards inclusion, representation, and a better relationship with citizens of sovereign American Indian and Alaska Native nations.

Why is Land Acknowledgement important?

This statement is part of the continual interrogation of our own participation and complacency in colonial structures and a call for greater awareness, accountability, and intentionality in the work we do. As storytellers we are committed to learning and telling stories in ways that will have transformational impact in our immediate and extended communities.

We are excited by future partnerships with Native Americans and look forward to sharing this journey of knowledge and growth with you.

Learn more: UNC American Indian Center

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A Wrinkle In Time

by Madeleine L’Engle

Directed by Shelley Butler

Scenic Designer

Sara Ryung Clement

Costume Designer

Anne Kennedy

Lighting Designer

Karen Spahn

Sound Designer

Kate Marvin

Puppet Consultant

Torry Bend


Gregory Kable

Vocal Coach

Gwendolyn Schwinke

Assistant Director

Jessica Sorgi

Stage Manager

Elizabeth Ray*

Assistant Director

Charles K. Bayang*

MAR 30-APR 17, 2022

*Indicates members of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

PlayMakers is the Professional Theatre of the Department of Dramatic Art
Adam Versényi, Chair
Vivienne Benesch, Producing Artistic Director
Nichole Gantshar, Managing Director
Produced in association with The College of Arts & Sciences
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Il Palio Restaurant

Program Notes


By Gregory Kable, Dramaturg

“It’s a frightening as well as an exciting thing to discover that matter and energy are the same thing, that size is an illusion, and that time is a material substance.” – “A Wrinkle In Time”

Generations of readers have thrilled to the bounty of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”. It’s easy to see why. The book tackles and transcends many perceived limitations of youth, especially the sense of glacial progress toward coming into your own, and how small and vulnerable you stand in relation to the physically dominant world around you. There’s a fundamental empowerment in the story’s assurances to the evolving self.

Further, telepathy, time travel, and interstellar adventure weren’t common fare in novels seeking wide circulation. So L’Engle’s cutting-edge science wed to fantasy opened many a mind to the mysteries and wonders of the universe. “I can’t possibly tell you how I came to write it,” she explained in her Newbery Medal acceptance speech. “It was simply a book I had to write. I had no choice.” That drive is evident on every page. L’Engle’s touch is confident, nimble, and inventive; her narrative propulsive, continually astonishing, and surprisingly moving. Like the best fiction for young minds, it never talks down to its audiences. Rather, it beckons them forward, inspiring readers to reconceive themselves, their potential, even the very nature and fabric of reality.

And just like the book’s characters facing impossible odds, it almost didn’t happen. The year was 1962. With her manuscript completed two years earlier, L’Engle endured twenty-six rejections before a last submission found a willing publisher. That rocky start has been attributed to the author’s conflating of religion and science, her bold choice of a female protagonist in the male-dominated world of speculative fiction, as well as to a lingering skepticism about the genre itself. But all science fiction has one foot in fact, and L’Engle captured an America moment defined by dynamic motion.

In 1962, Mercury astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, the experimental communications satellite Telstar beamed television images from America to Europe, NASA launched a successful probe to Venus, and Washington’s Dulles International opened as the first civil airport designed for jet travel. On the microscopic level, the American scientist James Dewey Watson shared a Nobel Prize with British colleagues Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins for discovering the molecular structure of DNA. Television was swiftly transitioning from black and white to color broadcasts. Even Barbie was in step with the spirit of the times: 1962 saw the debut of both her Dream House and, significantly, her first sports car, ensuring that America’s sweetheart enjoyed the comforts of a stylish retreat alongside the means of escaping that security at high velocity whenever the mood might strike.

But L’Engle also recognized an unwelcome response to this kinetic activity in the opposing forces of regimentation and creeping conformity. “What I like to call making muffins of us” she explained, “muffins all like every other muffin”. While most pronounced in the countries within the Cold War’s Iron Curtain, similar pressures were mounting in democracies like the United States. L’Engle countered this tide of servility by championing the role of literature in shattering the barriers of a finite universe, arming readers with “explosive material capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly.”

“A Wrinkle in Time” has accomplished that goal for nearly sixty years, and this present incarnation in the form of Tracy Young’s compelling stage version, brought to brimming “fresh life” by guest director Shelley Butler, does L’Engle’s classic justice, giving presence and voice to its timeless themes which demand repetition in every age: Understand that knowledge and imagination are one. Embrace what makes you different; those qualities are your greatest strengths. And above all, resist the world’s attempts to relegate you to the muffin tin. Instead, have faith, trust in your power as an agent of change, and boldly tesser on.

“In thousands of signed copies of A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle wrote the same inscription: ‘Tesser well’. With each hourly headline, we find ourselves thrust into what feels like entirely strange planets, sometimes flattened, sometimes lost in undiscernible fog. We don’t always keep a solid grip on each other’s hands. We fail to love. But in all this, Madeleine’s legacy isn’t merely something to remember with a sigh of nostalgia: it’s a call.” – Sarah Arthur, “A Light So Lovely” (2018)

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Larry's Coffee


Madeleine L’Engle


Madeleine L’Engle was born Madeleine L’Engle Camp in New York City in 1918, the only child of her artist parents. At 12, the family moved to Europe and L’Engle entered a Swiss boarding school, an unhappy experience that she credited with helping her become a writer. Returning to the United States three years later, she went on to graduate from Smith College, followed by several years divided between theatrical productions and her early novels. L’Engle married the actor Hugh Franklin in 1946, and the couple began a family in rural Connecticut, where L’Engle helped run a general store. It was while balancing these varied commitments that L’Engle wrote “A Wrinkle in Time.” The book was awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal by the American Library Association in 1963 and has subsequently been published in more than 30 languages. A prolific artist, L’Engle’s legacy includes more than sixty books, as well as poems, non-fiction and essays. She died in 2007 at age 88.

Tracy Young

Tracy Young is an accomplished theatre director and playwright. Her writing career began with several original plays for The Actors’ Gang in Los Angeles, including the musicals “Hysteria” (Ovation Award and P.E.N. West Finalist), “Euphoria” (Ovation, L.A. Weekly and Garland Awards) and “A Fairy Tale” (Garland and GLAAD Image Awards). She has created several adaptations of classic plays and novels, including the critically acclaimed “Candude, or the Optimistic Civil Servant” (from Voltaire’s “Candide” for Cornerstone Theatre Company), “Goldoni’s,” “The Servant of Two Masters,” Moliere’s “The Imaginary Invalid,” the theatrical adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time,” “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,” and a modern translation of “The Winter’s Tale” for Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Her most challenging and joyful work to date is “Medea/Macbeth/Cinderella” (with co-creator Bill Rauch), a simultaneous telling of Euripides’ “Medea,” Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.”

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Residence Inn of Chapel Hill


Actor Bios

Cast List

in alphabetical order

Fortinbras/Ensemble — Sergio Mauritz Ang*
Mrs. Who — Ann Arvia*
Camazotz Man/Sandy/Ensemble — Anthony August*
Father/Ensemble — Jeffrey Blair Cornell*
Charles Wallace — Ethan Haberfield*
Mother/Aunt Beast/Ensemble — Tia James*
Calvin — Jamar Jones
Camazotz Paper Boy/Dennys/Ensemble — Khalil LeSaldo*
Happy Medium/Ensemble — AhDream Smith*
Mrs. Which/Ensemble — Sanjana Taskar
Man with Red Eyes/Ensemble — Adam Valentine
Meg — Omolade Wey*
Mrs. Whatsit — Kathryn Hunter-Williams*

*Indicates members of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Sergio Mauritz Ang


PlayMakers: Company member in their third year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Julius Caesar,” “Ragtime.” “Wilder & Wilder” (PlayMakers Mobile); “I am Not Batman,” “Stop Kiss,” “Mud” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

New York: Coleman Domingo’s “The Brother[s]” (Out of the box Theatrics); “Joker” (National Queer Theater); “Anna in the Tropics” (The Gallery Players); “Much Ado About Nothing” (Classics in Color); “Summertime” (Between Two Boroughs); “Empress of China” (Yangtze Rep).

Regional: “From Number to Name” (East West Players); “The Dalai Lama is Not Welcome Here” (Arizona Theatre Company); “Tomorrow Will Be Sunday” (Chautauqua Theatre Company); “Peter and the Starcatcher ” (Kitchen Theatre Company); “Bruise and Thorn” (PlayPenn); “Mañanas de Abril y Mayo” (Connecticut Free Shakespeare).

Upcoming: World Premiere, “Song of Me” (Stages Houston)

Awards: Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, National Commendation for Outstanding Performance in a Play for “Boom” by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb.

Education: BFA in Acting Brooklyn College; AAS in Early Childhood Education Hostos Community College; Vocal Music Major Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Arts and Performing Arts, NYC. | Instagram | Facebook

Ann Arvia

Mrs. Who

PlayMakers: Debut.

Broadway: “Mary Poppins” (Bird Woman); “Les Miserables” (Mme. Thenardier); “Beauty & the Beast.”

Off-Broadway: “Kid Victory” (Vineyard Theater); “Time & Again” (MTC); “Les Miserables,” “Ragtime” (National Tour).

Regional: “Romeo & Juliet,” “Macbeth,” “Our Town,” “Cinderella” (Alabama Shakespeare Festiva); “The Diary of Anne Frank” (Geva Theatre Center, Arizona Theater Company); “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Carousel” (Arena Stage); “Damn Yankees,” “The Most Happy Fella” (Goodspeed Opera House); “Phantom,” “The Sound of Music” (Walnut Street Theater).

Film: “3 Backyards,” “Let It Snow” (Sundance Finalists).

TV: “City on a Hill,” “The Blacklist,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “The Affair,” “Nurse Jackie,” “The Big C,” “Rescue Me.”

Other: Ms. Arvia has a thriving vocal studio in NYC. | Instagram | Facebook

Anthony August

Camazotz Man/Sandy/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member in their third year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Stick Fly,” “As You Like It,” “The Storyteller,” “Everybody,” “Ragtime,” “The Brothers Size” (PlayMakers Ground Floor); “Wilder & Wilder” (PlayMakers Mobile).

Regional: “The Hunchback of Seville” (Mildred’s Umbrella); “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” (The Ensemble Theater); “Fade To Black Festival,” “This is Modern Art” (The Landing Theatre Company); “Macbeth” (Encore Theatre).

University: “When the Ancestors Call,” “Dutchman,” “A Raisin in the Sun,” “Last Days of Judas Iscariot,” “The Mountaintop” (Texas Southern University).

Education: Texas Southern University, B.A. in Theatre.


Jeffrey Blair Cornell


PlayMakers: This marks Jeff’s 27th season with PlayMakers. Recently: John Dale in “Yoga Play,” Announcer in “The Skin of Our Teeth,” Brutus in “Julius Caesar,” Father in “Ragtime,” Uncle Peck in “How I Learned to Drive,” Sipos in “She Loves Me,” and Darren (the Woodchuck) in “Bewilderness.” Some favorites: Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady,” Caliban in “The Tempest,” Colonel Brandon in “Sense and Sensibility,” Roy Cohn in “Angels in America,” and Herr Schultz in “Cabaret.” New York: “Two by Two,” “Down to Earth,” “Serious Business.”

Regional: Guthrie Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Pittsburgh Public Theater, Paper Mill Playhouse, among others.

Education/Other: Carbonell Award nominations for Best Actor – “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” and “Falsettoland “(Caldwell Theatre – FL). Studied at HB Studios in New York with Uta Hagen, Austin Pendleton and Elizabeth Wilson. Serves as Teaching Professor/Associate Chair in UNC’s Department of Dramatic Art.

Ethan Haberfield

Charles Wallace

PlayMakers: Debut.

Broadway: “Mary Poppins.”

Regional/Tour: “Oliver!” (Paper Mill Playhouse); “Christmas Carol.”

Film/TV: “Saturday Night Live” (NBC), “The Other Two” (HBO), “Sinister” (Blumhouse).

Education: University of Michigan, BFA Acting.

Tia James

Mother/Aunt Beast/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member for two seasons. Actor: “Julius Caesar,” “Native Son.” Vocal coaching includes “Stick Fly,” “Ragtime,” “How I Learned to Drive,” “Life of Galileo,” “Bewilderness,” “She Loves Me,” “Skeleton Crew,” “Sherwood,” “Jump,” “Your Healing is Killing Me.” Director: “As You Like It,” “Macbeth” (PlayMakers Mobile) and “Constellations” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

Broadway: “The Merchant of Venice.”

Off-Broadway / New York: “The Winter’s Tale,” “The Merchant of Venice” (Shakespeare in the Park).

Regional: “Richard III” (Allentown Shakespeare); “Loving and Loving” (Stella Adler Studios); “Much Ado About Nothing” (Two River Theatre); “Civilization [All You Can Eat]” (Woolly Mammoth Theater).

Television: “Nurse Jackie,” “Treme.”

Teaching / Coaching / Directing: UNC-Chapel Hill, NYU Graduate Acting, NYU Dance, Atlantic Acting School, Montclair University.

Education / Awards: MFA NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program, BFA Virginia Commonwealth University; Teacher Training under Scott Miller and John Patrick. Recipient of the 2014 NYU Graduate Acting Diversity Mentorship Scholarship, 2003 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship winner for Best Actor; 2019 Michael Chekhov/Zelda Fichandler Scholarship.

Jamar Jones


PlayMakers: Company member in their first year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Stick Fly,” “The Brothers Size” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

Regional: “Fires in the Mirror,” “Passing Strange” (Firehouse Theatre); “Fences,” “Akeelah and the Bee” (Virginia Repertory Theatre); “Red Velvet” (Quill Theatre); “An Octoroon,” “Topdog/Underdog” (The Conciliation Lab); “Free Man of Color” (The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company); “Choir Boy” (Richmond Triangle Players/THETC) and “Equus” (Cadence Theatre Company).

University: “Pure Confidence,” “Blues for Mister Charlie,” “The Story” (University of Richmond).

Education/Awards: The College of William and Mary, B.A. Sociology and Theatre. 2019 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award, Best Actor in a Leading Role – Play for “An Octoroon,” 2020 RTCC Award, Ernie McClintock Best Ensemble Acting for “Passing Strange.”

Khalil LeSaldo

Camazotz Paper Boy/Dennys/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member in their third year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Stick Fly,” “As You Like It,” “Julius Caesar,” “Dairyland,” “Gloria,” “Mud,” “References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

Off-Broadway: “Sing,” “Care Full,” “Game Night” (Theater Breaking Through Barriers).

Regional: “We Can Eat Love,” “As You Like It,” “Julius Caesar” (Portland Stage); “Romeo and Juliet,” “Julius Caesar” (Tenessee Shakespeare Company); “A Manor of Speaking,” “Deep as Hell,” “Hell and Other Adventures,” “Deep as Hell 2: Wide as Hell” (2Sheets Theater Company); “Bug” (60 Grit Theatre); “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” (Mad Horse Theater Company); “Princess Kaguya” (Theater at Monmouth); “To Kill a Mockingbird” (The Theater Project); “Hellcab,” “After” (Profiles Theatre); “Wait Until Dark” (Jedlicka Performing Arts); “Switch Tryptych” (Big Picture Group).

Film / TV: “Defending Jacob” with Chris Evans, “Chicago PD.”

Education/Awards/Other: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Bowdoin College; Numerous Fringe Festival awards: PortFringe Theater Festival; Alice Merrill Mitchel Prize (2011); The Telling Room Story Slam Champion, Devising and Physical Theater (Celebration Barn). | Facebook

AhDream Smith

Happy Medium/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member in their third year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Stick Fly,” “As You Like It,” “Julius Caesar,” “Wilder & Wilder” (PlayMakers Mobile); “References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

New York: “The Talking Cure” (Hudson Guild Theatre); “Sistas on Fire” (The Duke On 42nd Street); “The Trojan Women,” “The Caucasian Chalk Circle,” “The Exception and the Rule” (Shapiro Theatre).

Television: “Silent Killer,” “The Honeymoon Killers,” “Death and The Maiden” (Investigation Discovery).

Awards: Arts Everywhere Student Innovation Grant, Samuel Selden Memorial Award, Smithwick Research Fund for Independent Performance, Order of the Golden Fleece.

Education/Other: Wesleyan University (B.A), William Esper, Stella Adler, Upright Citizens Brigade, Broadway Dance Center. | Instagram

Sanjana Taskar

Mrs. Which/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member in their first year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Gloria” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

Regional: “White Pearl” (Studio Theatre); “Three Women Walk Into Bar” (Charm City Theatre Festival).

Education/Other: B.F.A. Acting, B.A. Sociology; University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Assistant Faculty member for Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE).

Adam Valentine

Man with Red Eyes/Ensemble

PlayMakers: Company member in their first year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Gloria” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

Regional: Rodney in “Small Mouth Sounds” (Cadence Theatre); Chick in “Stupid Kid” (Firehouse Theatre); Stephano in “The Tempest” (Quill Theatre); “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” (Virginia Repertory Theatre); Timothy in “Hand To God” (TheatreLab/5th Wall); Crispin in “The Heir Apparent” (Quill Theatre); J.D in “Heathers: The Musical” (TheatreLab/Firehouse); and Roger in “Maple and Vine” (Firehouse).

Omolade Wey


PlayMakers: Company member in their third year of UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program. “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Stick Fly,” “As You Like It,” “The Storyteller,” “Julius Caesar,” “Everybody,” “Wilder & Wilder” (PlayMakers Mobile); “No Child,” “Stop Kiss,” “References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot” (PlayMakers Ground Floor).

University: “God & Country,” “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark,” “Insurrection: Holding History.”

Education/Awards: Winner of the Director’s Company Next Wave Initiative Hattie McDaniel Acting Scholarship. BSFS in Culture & Politics from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Kathryn Hunter-Williams

Mrs. Whatsit

PlayMakers: Company member for 21 seasons. Recent highlights include directing “Stick Fly,” “No Fear & Blues Long Gone,” “Count,” plus acting in “The Skin of Our Teeth,” “Edges of Time,” “Julius Caesar,” “Everybody,” “Life of Galileo,” “Skeleton Crew,” “Leaving Eden,” “Tartuffe,” “Dot,” “Intimate Apparel,” “The Crucible,” “Trouble in Mind,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “A Raisin in the Sun,” “Imaginary Invalid,” “The Parchman Hour,” “Angels in America,” “Fences,” “Doubt,” among others.

New York/Regional: Living Stage, The Negro Ensemble Company, Manhattan Class Company, New Dramatists, Archipelago Theater.

Education/Other: BFA, UNC School of the Arts; MFA, UNC-Chapel Hill. Kathryn is on the faculty of the Department of Dramatic Art at UNC-Chapel Hill, Company Artistic Associate for PlayMakers Rep and Associate Director of HiddenVoices, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing life-changing stories into a public forum.

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Creative Team Bios

Shelley Butler


PlayMakers: Debut.

Shelley Butler has over forty Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional credits to date and has worked extensively with writers on new plays and musicals. Recent productions include the world premiere of Lucas Hnath’s “A Doll’s House Part 2” at South Coast Repertory and the Japanese premiere of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo.

She has directed and developed work across the country for theaters including: Ars Nova, Primary Stages, E.S.T., WP Theater, Hartford Stage, South Coast Repertory, Denver Center Theatre Company, Yale Repertory Theatre, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Pioneer Theatre Company, Geva, The Old Globe, Contemporary American Theater Festival, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, New York Stage and Film, PlayPenn, New Dramatists, The Playwright’s Realm, Keen Company and the Lark.

Shelley spent two seasons as artistic associate in charge of new play development for Hartford Stage and three seasons as artistic associate for the Great Lakes Theater Festival. She is a proud alum of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Sara Ryung Clement

Scenic Designer

PlayMakers: Debut.

Off-Broadway: Costume design for “Somebody’s Daughter” (Second Stage Uptown); “Fruiting Bodies” (Ma-Yi Theatre).

Regional: Guthrie Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, South Coast Repertory, Denver Center Theatre Company, Asolo Repertory, Geffen Playhouse, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Folger Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse, Seattle Rep, Mixed Blood, TheatreWorks, Center Stage Baltimore, Boston Court, Perseverance Theatre, East West Players, Cornerstone Theater Company, A Noise Within, Yale Repertory Theatre and others.

Education: MFA, Yale School of Drama; AB Princeton University. Set design faculty at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. | Twitter

Anne Kennedy

Costume Designer

PlayMakers: “Assassins,” “As You Like It,” “God’s Man in Texas,” “How I Learned to Drive,” “In the Next Room (or the vibrator play),” “Moliere’s Tartuffe,” “The Bluest Eye,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” “Twelfth Night.”

Off-Broadway: Playwrights Horizons, Primary Stages, Rattlestick Theatre.

Regional: Alliance Theatre, Arena Stage, Barrington Stage, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Center Stage, Chautauqua Theatre Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Eugene O’Neill Theatre CenterDallas Theatre Center, Denver Center Theatre Company, Guthrie Theatre, Kennedy Center, The Old Globe, Olney Theatre Center, Papermill Playhouse, People’s Light and Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre Center, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Round House Theatre, Signature Theatre, Studio Theatre, Theatre J, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Woolly Mammoth.

Education: The Juilliard School, Williams College. | Instagram | Facebook

Karen Spahn

Lighting Designer

PlayMakers: Debut.

Broadway: (Associate Lighting Designer) “Wicked,” “War Horse,” “South Pacific,” “The King and I,” “My Fair Lady,” “Oslo,” “Les Miserables,” “The River.”

Off-Broadway/New York: “Nothing Gold Can Stay” (Shelley Butler, director) (Partial Comfort Productions); “The Music Man” (Wagner College); “Fraulein Else” (Theatre Five); “The Tempest” (Acting Company); “Illustrated Radio Shows” (Pickup Performance Company); “The Gravity of Means” (Manhattan Class Company).

Regional: “Proof” (Hudson Stage Company), “Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End,” “Quartet” (Bristol Riverside Theatre); “Hersheypark Summer & Christmas Shows,” “Guys and Dolls” (Riverside Theatre); “West Side Story,” “Mary Poppins” (Cardinal Stage); “Romeo and Juliet” (Alabama Shakespeare Festival).

Kate Marvin

Sound Designer/Composer

PlayMakers: Debut.

Off Broadway/New York: “Heartland” (59E59); “Wolf Play” (Soho Rep); “Fidelio” (Heartbeat Opera); “Blood Meal,” “The Little Hours” (Theater in Quarantine); “Wives” (Playwrights Horizons); “Fruiting Bodies” (Ma-Yi); “Chimpanzee” (HERE Arts Center); “Porto” (WP Theater); “Wilder Gone” (Clubbed Thumb); “Happy Days” (TFANA).

Regional: Two River Theater, Northern Stage, Geva Theatre Center, Guthrie Theater, Alliance Theater, Mark Taper Forum, among others.

Film: “The Memory Trade” (Handmade Puppet Dreams); “Out of Office” (NYS Puppet Festival); “White Flags” (AC Pictures).

Education/Other Kate is an associate artist with Target Margin Theater and Little Lord. MFA, Yale School of Drama.


Torry Bend

Puppet Consultant

PlayMakers: “Temples of Lung and Air.”

Off-Broadway/New York: “Are They Edible?” (La Mama, Incubator Arts Project, Dixon’s Place).

Regional: “Animal Dance” (The Children’s Theatre Company, Circle Course, Katmandu); “Pygmalion” (Southwest Shakespeare Co.); “Stephen Wadsworth’s Agamemnon” (Getty Villa); “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” (Empty Space Theatre); “Omnium Gatherum,” “The Bald Soprano/The Lesson and Brilliant Traces” (Oregon Repertory Theater); “The Elephant” (Disney Music Hall’s International Toy Theater Festival 2008, Jumbo Shrimp Circus). Creator & director of “The Paper Hat Game” (3Legged-Dog Art and Technology Center, Manbites Dog Theater, The Great Small Works Toy Theater Festival, The Den Theater, Open Eye Figure Theater); “Nesting” (Great Small Works International Toy Theater Festival, The Port City Puppetry Festival, Douglas Paasch Puppet Festival, Open Eye Figure Theater); “The Elephant” (Disney Music Hall’s International Toy Theater Festival, Jumbo Shrimp Circus); “Loser,” “Love’s Infrastructure” (Duke Performances).

Education/Other: Set designer, puppet artist and associate professor at Duke University.

Gregory Kable


PlayMakers: Associate Dramaturg, 1997 to present. Productions include “She Loves Me,” “Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “My Fair Lady,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Peter and the Starcatcher,” “An Enemy of the People,” “Into the Woods,” “Private Lives,” “Clybourne Park,” “Red,” “Angels in America,” “Topdog/Underdog,” “The Subject Was Roses,” “Uncle Vanya,” “Violet: A Musical” and “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde.”

Regional: American premiere of “Pentecost,” “Le Bourgeois Avant-Garde” (Yale Repertory Theatre).

Directing: “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” “A New Musical,” “Playing for Time,” “Lulu,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Sunday in the Park with George,” “Danton’s Death,” “Closer,” “The Lady From the Sea,” “Balm in Gilead,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Therese Raquin,” “Hair,” “American Buffalo,” “Miss Julie,” “Curse of the Starving Class,” “Camino Real.”

Faculty: Department of Dramatic Art, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Education: MFA, Yale School of Drama.

Gwendolyn Schwinke

Vocal Coach

PlayMakers: Company member in her third season. Actor: “The Skin of Our Teeth.” Vocal Coach: “Yoga Play,” “Dairyland,” “Native Son,” “Julius Caesar,” “As You Like It.”

Voice/Text/Dialect Coach: Favorites include ”Merry Wives of Windsor,” “Taming of the Shrew,” “Love’s Labor’s Lost,” “Cymbeline,” “Intimate Apparel,” “Merchant of Venice,” “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” “Ugly Lies the Bone,” “Comedy of Errors,” “Hamlet” (Shakespeare & Company); “Merry Wives…,” “Hamlet,” “The King and I” (Oxford Shakespeare Festival); “Boeing-Boeing,” “Lost in Yonkers” (Atlantic Stage).

Actor: Carlyle Brown & Company, Oxford Shakespeare Festival, Frank Theatre, Red Eye Collaboration, Minnesota Shakespeare Project, Atlantic Stage, Old Creamery Theatre, Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

Playwright: Plays developed and/or produced by Seattle Repertory Company, Cherry Lane Theatre, The Playwrights’ Center, Red Eye Collaboration, Judith Shakespeare Company, Jungle Theatre.

Teaching: David G. Frey Fellow/Assistant Professor of Voice & Speech at UNC-Chapel Hill, Company Member at Shakespeare & Company, Designated Linklater Voice Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Guild-certified Feldenkrais Teacher.

Jessica Sorgi

Assistant Director

PlayMakers: “Sweeney Todd,” “Into the Woods,” “Assassins,” “Imaginary Invalid,” “The Parchman Hour,” “Big River.”

New York: “Taming of The Shrew” (Tale Told Productions), “Hello Again” (PlayThings Theatre Company), “Almost, Maine” (GroundUp Productions).

Regional: “Pride and Prejudice” (Virginia Stage Company), “Triassic Parq” (Wagon Wheel Productions).


Elizabeth Ray

Stage Manager

PlayMakers: Company member in her fifth full season. “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” “The Storyteller,” “Everybody,” “Dairyland,” “No Fear & Blues Long Gone: Nina Simone,” “How I Learned to Drive,” “Jump,” “Skeleton Crew,” “Temples of Lung and Air,” “‘A’ Train,” “Tartuffe,” “Dot,” “The Cake,” “Into the Woods,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Private Lives.”

New York: “Shows for Days” (Lincoln Center Theater); “In the Secret Sea” (Theatre Row); “Wallenberg,” “Requiem for Mr. B,” “Presto Change-O” (Frankel Green Production Company) and “Welcome to Shoofly” (Playwrights Horizons).

Work at other regional theatres includes productions at North Carolina Theatre, Theatre Raleigh, Palm Beach Dramaworks, and Cape Fear Regional Theatre. Elizabeth is a member of Actors’ Equity Association.

Charles K. Bayang

Assistant Stage Manager

PlayMakers: Company member for 11 seasons. Work at other regional theatres includes productions at Studio Arena Theatre, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Huntington Theatre Company, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Dallas Theater Center and Dallas Children’s Theatre. Charles holds an MFA from the University of Alabama and has been a member for Actors’ Equity since 1997.

Vivienne Benesch

Producing Artistic Director

Vivienne is in her sixth full season as a company member and Producing Artistic Director at PlayMakers, where she has helmed productions of “The Storyteller,” “Dairyland,” “Life of Galileo,” “Leaving Eden,” “The May Queen,” “Three Sisters,” “Love Alone,” “RED” and “In The Next Room.” In her six seasons with the theatre, she is particularly proud to have produced 10 world-premieres and launched PlayMakers Mobile, a touring production aimed at reaching underserved audiences around the Triangle. For 12 seasons, she served as Artistic Director of the renowned Chautauqua Theater Company and Conservatory, presiding over the company’s transformation into one of the best summer theatres and most competitive summer training programs in the country. Vivienne has also directed for the Folger Shakespeare Theatre (Helen Hayes nomination for best direction 2019), The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Trinity Repertory Company, NY Stage & Film, and Red Bull Theatre, among others. In 2018, she directed the world premiere of Noah Haidle’s “Birthday Candles” for Detroit Public Theatre and will be directing it again on Broadway in 2022, starring Debra Messing. As an actress, Vivienne has worked on and off-Broadway, in film and television, at many of the country’s most celebrated theatres, and received an Obie Award for her performance in Lee Blessing’s “Going to St. Ives.” Vivienne is a graduate of Brown University and NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. As an educator, she has directed for and served on the faculty of some of the nation’s foremost actor training programs, including The Juilliard School, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Professional Actor Training Program, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program, and at her alma mater, NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. She is the 2017 recipient of the Zelda Fichandler Award given by the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation.

Nichole Gantshar

Managing Director

Nichole Gantshar is a former dramaturg turned arts administrator. Having spent the past two years in interim leadership with Louisville Ballet and Theatre Bay Area, she looks forward to becoming part of the Triangle community. She spent five years as Executive Director of Rochester City Ballet, where she tripled grant revenue, grew audiences by 30 percent, added free (philanthropy supported) sensory-friendly performances, and earned support from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Shubert Foundation. Apart from her career in the arts, Nichole worked as a Legislative Aide in Congress and as a journalist.

Regional: Hangar Theatre, Milwaukee Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Playwrights Horizons, Richmond Ballet, Syracuse Stage and Tulsa Ballet.

Volunteer: Rotary, treasurer, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA), Chair of the National Student Education Fund, treasurer, Syracuse Chapter of Girls Inc.

Awards: Nominee, Outstanding Young Woman of America, LMDA Residency Grant. Faculty: Syracuse University, University at Stony Brook, University of Pittsburgh and the Wooster Center for the Arts.

Education: MFA, University at Stony Brook.

Michael Rolleri

Production Manager

Michael is in his 35th season with PlayMakers Repertory Company. He has been Technical Director, Project Manager, Exhibition Technician and Lighting Designer for industrial shows in the Southeast region, as well as lead carpenter for films, the U.S. Olympic Festival and scenic studios. He has also been a rigger in the Southeast region and has served on the executive board and as President of IATSE Local 417. Michael is a 30-year Gold Pin member of IATSE. An active member of the United States Institute For Theatre Technology (USITT), he is a three-time winner at USITT’s Tech Expo. He is a full Professor/Head of the Technical Production Program at UNC-Chapel Hill and was an instructor at High Point University and Tufts University.

Education: MFA in Design and Technical Production, UNC-Greensboro.

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General Information

A Wrinkle In Time

by Madeleine L’Engle

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes
No intermission

Joan H. Gillings Center for Dramatic Art
CB# 3235, UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3235

Box Office: 919.962.7529

What Will Shows Look Like This Year?

The 21/22 season will feature five live, in-person performances featuring works that explore the resilience of family bonds in all their complicated forms, friendships that transcend language, time, and space, and one man’s connection to his community that helps him stand taller than he could alone.

Health and Safety

PlayMakers Repertory Company is committed to the safety and well-being of our patrons, artists and staff. We will be following state, industry and University safety guidelines in the 21/22 season.

All patrons are encouraged to wear masks while inside the Joan H. Gillings Center for Dramatic Art.

We have increased sanitation measures throughout the building and put some new protocols in place to improve safety including:

  • Touch free electronic ticketing
  • Hand sanitizers throughout the Center for Dramatic Art
  • More frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces
  • HEPA filtration units
  • With the exception of onstage performances, artists, crew and staff will be required to wear masks

What If I Have to Miss My Performance Date?

For the safety of all our artists, patrons, and staff, if you feel unwell, please stay home. You may call our Box Office and ask to be reseated for another performance, or request a refund up to 48 hour before your ticketed performance.

If you know you will miss a performance date, we can exchange your ticket for you, based on availability. Please call our Box Office at least 48 hours before your scheduled performance, and please be aware that all exchanges are based on availability and a fee or additional cost may apply. Subscribers may exchange their tickets with no additional fee, but additional cost may apply with a change in performance or section.

Box Office Hours

Mon, Weds, Fri 12:00 noon-5:00p.m. and 90 minutes prior to each performance.

Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronics

Texting and using cell phones, laptops, smart watches, and other devices light- or sound-emitting devices are strictly prohibited during the performance. Please turn all electronic devices to silent, theatre mode, or off during the show.

Cameras or Recording Devices

Taking photographs or videotaping inside the theatre is strictly prohibited during performances. However, before the show, during intermission, and after the show, you are invited to take and share your photos of the stage and scenery.


There are several paid and free parking options available near PlayMakers. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before the show so that you have time to park and pay (Monday-Thursday evenings only) and find your seat. For more information and an interactive map of nearby parking options, please visit

Policy on Young Children

As a courtesy to our patrons, it is the policy of PlayMakers not to admit children under the age of 5. All of our shows have content ratings for each production (for example: Rated PG-13). If you are considering bringing your child, please refer to website or contact our Box Office for further information. All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

Headsets for Hearing Impaired Patrons

Our theatres are equipped with sound systems that amplify the sound from the stage. Patrons who wish to use the system may obtain headsets on a first-come, first-served basis from the coat check. Headsets must be returned immediately after the performance.

Late Seating and Leaving Your Seat During the Performance

To minimize disruptions to the actors and other patrons, late seating will be provided at the discretion of the house manager at an appropriate break in the action on stage. Patrons who need to be seated late must be escorted by house staff to seats at the rear entrance of the auditorium, which entails climbing a flight of stairs. Patrons can take their regular seat at intermission.

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PlayMakers Staff


Vivienne Benesch, Producing Artistic Director
Nichole Gantshar, Managing Director


Tracy Bersley, Movement Coach/Choreographer
Kathryn Hunter-Williams, Company Artistic Associate
Chelsea James, Producing Assistant
Tia James, Vocal Coach
Gregory Kable, Dramaturg
Jacqueline E. Lawton, Dramaturg
Jeffrey Meanza, Associate Artistic Director
Mark Perry, Dramaturg
Gwendolyn Schwinke, Vocal Coach
Jeri Lynn Schulke, Engagement Associate
Adam Versényi, Dramaturg


Kate Jones, Business Operations Coordinator
Lisa Geeslin, Accountant

Marketing & Audience Services

Hannah Hendren, Communications & Advancement Assistant
Alex James, Audience Services Associate
Diana Pineda, Director of Sales & Marketing
Thomas Porter, Box Office Manager
Rosalie Preston, Associate Director of Marketing
Jessie Gleason, Undergraduate Marketing Assistant

Work Study Students

Artistic: Josh Wahab
Box Office/ Front of House: Aisha Bynum, Charity Cohen, Eli Dietrich, Olivia Mahon, Yaeelin Merino-Velasquez, Olivia Morse, Kaitlyn Rivera, Krystal Rivera, Alla Sirelkhatim, Naomi Smith, Lily Vance
Development: Mahika Kawale
Marketing: Belawal Ahmed

Department of Dramatic Art

Adam Versényi, Professor and Chair


Vivienne Benesch, Professor of the Practice
Tracy Bersley, Assistant Professor
Pamela Bond, Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Jan Chambers, Professor
McKay Coble, Professor
Jeffrey Blair Cornell, Associate Chair, Teaching Professor
Ray Dooley, Professor Emeritus
Samuel Ray Gates, Assistant Professor
Julia Gibson, Associate Professor
Jennifer Bayang, Teaching Assistant Professor
Kathryn Hunter-Williams, Teaching Associate Professor
Tia James, Assistant Professor
Gregory Kable, Teaching Professor
Jacqueline E. Lawton, Associate Professor
Adam Maxfield, Teaching Associate Professor
Triffin Morris, Professor of the Practice
David Navalinsky, Associate Professor
Bobbi Owen, Distinguished Professor Emerita
Mark Perry, Teaching Associate Professor
Rachel E. Pollock, Teaching Assistant Professor
Michael Rolleri, Professor
Gwendolyn Schwinke, Assistant Professor
Aubrey Snowden, Teaching Assistant Professor


Betty Futrell, Student Services Specialist
Lisa Geeslin, Accounting Technician
Jordan Clodfelter, KTC Technical Director
Karen Rolleri, Business Coordinator
Jamie Strickland, Business Officer


Michael Rolleri, Production Manager


Jennifer Bayang, Assistant Costume Director
Amy Evans, Wardrobe Supervisor
Marissa Lupkas, Costume Collection Coordinator
Triffin Morris, Costume Director
Rachel Pollock, Costume Craftsperson
Costume Production Graduate Students:
Matty Blatt, Jocelyn Chatman, Alex Hagman, Emma Hoylst, Lou Pires, Athene Wright, Sherry Wu


Benjamin Bosch, Head Electrician


Emma Anderson, Props Artisan
Andrea Bullock, Properties Master


Anthony Cacchione, Master Carpenter
Adam Maxfield, Technical Director
Laura Pates, Assistant Technical Director
Jessica Secrest, Scenic Artist
Technical Production Graduate Students:
Brock Burton, Gregory Condon, Paul Edghill, Patrick Hardison, Kevin Pendergast, Luke Robinson, Garrett Weeda
Spencer Ellis, Undergraduate Assistant-Scene Shop
Haley Connell, Undergraduate Assistant-Paint


Marisa Clemente, Sound Associate
Mac Cohen, Undergraduate Assistant


Charles K. Bayang, Stage Manager
Aspen Jackson, Production Assistant
Elizabeth Ray, Stage Manager

Work Study Students

Carpentry: Tygia Drewhowell, Jeffrey Jones, Danielle Mou, Lillyann Nekervis
Lighting: Jessica Atkins, Anthony Burch, Jahel Gomes, Sananda Jagannathan, Annabelle Jiang, Alex Mitropoulos
Props: Charlotte Allsbrook, Hannah Fatool, Lydia McRoy, Marissa Romano
Scenic Painting: Madison Austin, Madeleine Collins, Corinne Laverge, Faith Wang

PlayMakers’ Resident Acting Company

Jeffrey Blair Cornell
Samuel Ray Gates
Julia Gibson
Kathryn Hunter-Williams
Tia James
Gwendolyn Schwinke

Professional Actor Training Program:

Sergio Mauritz Ang, Anthony August, Hayley Cartee, Heinley Gaspard, Tori Jewell, Jamar Jones, Khalil LeSaldo, Saleemah Sharpe, AhDream Smith, Sanjana Taskar, Adam Valentine, Omolade Wey

For this Production of A Wrinkle in Time

Patrick Hardison, Production Technical Director
Luke Robinson, Assistant Technical Director
Jeff A. R. Jones, Fight Choreographer
Angella Fraser, Wig Designer
Marisa Lupkas, Assistant to the Costume Designer
Matty Blatt, Jocelyn Chatman, Alex Hagman, Lou Pires, Athene Wright, Sherry Wu, Drapers
Emma Holyst, Crafts Assistant
Ellen Cornette, Puppet Construction for Aunt Beast

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Friends of PlayMakers

During this period of re-emergence, we are producing a smaller, “capsule” season of only five powerful shows. While this allows us to remain focused on the safety and well-being of our patrons, artists, and staff, it has substantial financial implications.

As a nonprofit professional theatre, ticket sales traditionally cover only half of our annual operating costs. This year, we cannot count on ticket revenue as we have in the past. We must rely on the generosity of our community to help close the gap and keep our stages alive.

Ways to Give



Phone or Email


Send your check to:
PlayMakers Repertory Company Development Department
Joan H. Gillings Center for Dramatic Art
CB 3235
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3235

You can help support and sustain all our work, both on stage and off, by making a tax-deductible gift which enables us to:

  • Bring innovative, entertaining, and relevant theatre to the Triangle
  • Serve students across the state through our award-winning educational programs
  • Engage with our audiences through artist and community conversations
  • Remain flexible, safe, and better prepared for the future

Every gift, big or small, makes a huge difference!

PlayMakers is grateful to the members of the Friends of PlayMakers for their generous support. For more information about how to join this dynamic group of supporters, call the PlayMakers Development Office at 919.962.2481 or visit us at


Director’s Circle ($10,000+)

Lelia Blackwell and John Watson Jr.
Thomas and Holly Carr
G. Munroe Cobey
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Joan H. Gillings ~
The Charles Goren and Hazen Family Foundation,
Trustees Tom and Lisa Hazen
Brian Hargrove and David Hyde Pierce
Mrs. Frank H. Kenan
Coleman and Carol Ross
Schwab Charitable
Shubert Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Alan H. Weinhouse

Angel ($5,000–9,999)

American Endowment Foundation
Andrew and Katherine Asaro ^ +
Betsy Blackwell and John Watson
T. Chandler and Monie Hardwick
Munroe and Becky Cobey
Robert and Mary Ann Eubanks
Drucie French and Steve Cumbie
Joanne and Peter Garrett
Chan and Monie Hardwick
Kim Kwok
Mr. and Mrs. William O. McCoy
Paul and Linda Naylor
Bobbi Owen
Amy and Nick Penwarden
The Prentice Foundation
Paul McNeill Sconyers
The Educational Foundation of America
Theatre Projects
Jim and Bonnie Yankaskas

Investor ($2,500–4,999)

Richard and Deirdre Arnold ^
Andrew and Katherine Asaro ^ +
Vivienne Benesch
Stephen S. Birdsall
Ed and Eleanor Burke
Cindy and Thomas Cook
Cindy K. Cook
Joanne and Peter Garrett
Dr. Lyle V. Jones
Susan J. Kelly
Robert and Kathryn Kyle
Mark & Bette Morris Family Foundation
Sandy and Ned McClurg ^
Mark and Julie Morris
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Jean and Joseph Ritok
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Smithwick
Triangle Community Foundation
David and Heather Yeowell

Page to Stage ($1,500–2,499)

Ayco Charitable Foundation
Steve Benezra ^
Edmund S. Burke
Capital Group Company Charitable Foundation
Matching Gifts
Jeffrey Blair Cornell and Maria Savage
Julie R. Daniels
Imre and Aniko Gaal
Dustin and Susan Gillings Gross
Susan G. Gross
Kevin and Amy Guskiewicz
David Howell
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts
Jacobs Preyer Family Foundation
Hannelore and Konrad Jarausch
Joanna Karwowska and Hugon Karwowski ^
Howard and Sandra Kaufman
Kathryn and Robert Kyle
Lauren Rivers
Ned S. Sandra Lee McClurg
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Panter Foundation
Rich and Marilyn Jacobs Preyer
Perry Branin Silver
Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart
The Rev. Wendy R. and W. Riley Waugh
Roger and Marlene Werner
YourCause, LLC Trustee for IBM Matching Gifts

Partner ($1,000–1,499)

Anonymous (4)
Anonymous (4)
Penny and Howard Aldrich
Laurence Arthur Cobb
Dede Corvinus
Jo Anne and Shelley Earp
Constance and Robert Eby
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Evans
John and Diane Formy-Duval
W. Patrick Gale
Joseph and Deirdre Haj
Clay and Jane Harrell
Carol Hazard and Winston Liao
Vikram Rao and Susan Henning
Ann E. Holloman
Lynn Knauff
Jack Knight and Margaret Brown ^
Gary and Carolyn Koch
Dr. Catherine Kuhn and Glenn Tortorici
Shirley and Tom Kunkel
Douglas and Nelda Lay
Anand and Sandhya Lagoo
Scott Levitan and Patrick Francisco
Mort and Cheryl Malkin
David and Harriet Martin
Connie and Vernon Matzen
Holly and Ross McKinney
James and Susan Moeser
Paul and Sherrie Norton
Lee and Barbara Pedersen
Isaac and Sabrina Presnell-Rockoff
Alec Rhodes
Rif Riddick
Rufus M. Riddick
Carole Lynne Shelby
David Sontag *
Sarah West and Thomas Dominick
Jesse L. White, Jr.
Paul and Sally Wright

Backer ($500–999)

Anonymous (3)
Anonymous friends of Ben Kahn,
In memory of Charles Kahn
Akin Akinli
Virginia M. Aldige
Howard and Penny Aldrich
Pete and Hannah Andrews
Evelyn Barrow
John W. Becton and Nancy B. Tannenbaum
Shula and Steve Bernard
Dr. Stanley Warren Black, III
Stanley W. Black
Julia A. Borbely-Brown
Jackson Davis Breaks II and Carolyn Snyder Breaks
Maurice and Mary Hughes Brookhart
Jennifer and Robert Buckmire
Keith Burridge and Patricia Saling
Ann and John Campbell
Philip and Linda Carl
Clara Cazzulino
Laurence A. Cobb
Adrienne and John Cox*
Brooks de Wetter-Smith and Mary Lou Leiser Smith
David A. Doll
Alexander M. Donaldson and Georgia Cobb Donaldson
Dr. Carrie Donley
W. Patrick Gale and Dr. Carrie Lynn Donley
Bob and Connie Eby
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Thorsten Fjellstedt
Stephen Mark Cumbie and Dr. Druscilla French
Shayne C. Gad
Bill Cobb and Gail Perry
W. Patrick Gale ^
Nichole Gantshar
Mike and Bonnie Gilliom
Ugo Goetzl
James P. Gogan
Priscilla Alden Guild
Carolyn and Jim Harris
C. Hawkins ^
Drs. M. Vikram Rao and Susan June Henning
Ann Holloman
Betty Block James
Julie and Robert Keely*
Brenda W. Kirby
Michael Maness and Lois Knauff
Laura Koshel and Rafael de Jesus
Leonard & Ruth Kreisman
Randy and Cathy Lambe
Douglas M. Lay and Nelda Kilcrease Lay
Douglas Maclean and Susan Wolf
Elaine Mangrum
Janet McCarthy*
Ed and Connie McCraw
Cecilia D. Moore^
Mary Nunn Morrow
Jill Muti
Nelda K. Lay Revocable Trust
Stephen Nelson
Linda Williams Norris
George D. Norton
Paul and Cheryl Norton
Liz and Dave Nuechterlein
Lois Oliver
Jo Ann and Gordon Pitz
Mark and Eugenea Pollock
Robert and Joyce Anne Porter
Jodi and Glenn Preminger
David and Lisa Price
Elizabeth Raft
Rao Family Foundation
Dr. Terry Rhodes
Victor and Linda Roggli
Jan F. and Anne P. Sassaman
Stephanie Ann Schmitt and Kevin Zachary Kinlaw
Martha Scotford*
Kyle and Jenn Smith
Jackie Tanner*
The Marconi Hoban Tell Fund of
Triangle Community Foundation
Glen H. and Sandy T. Elder
Ernest T. Wilkes
Alan Young

Supporter ($250–499)

Virginia M. Aldige
Drs. Richard N.L. Andrews and Hannah Wheeler Andrews
David Ball and Susan Pochapsky
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Tony and Susan Barrella
Deborah Barrett
Evelyn Barrow
Reginald M. Barton, Jr.
Adam Beck^
John William Becton and Nancy Baach Tannenbaum
Drs. Stephen A. Bernard and Shulamit Landau Bernard
Dr. Katherine L. Bick
Sarah and Francis Binkowski
Stanley W. Black
Julie Blatt and Arthur Greenberg
William and Patricia Blau
Dr. Caryl Jane Schwartzbach and Alan David Bolzan
Andrew Borba*
Julia Borbely-Brown^
Drs. Mary Hughes Brookhart and Maurice S. Brookhart
Ken and Margie Broun
Linda and David Brown
Robert and Jen Buckmire
David Burr and Rusty Unger
Douglas Call and Susan Warwick
Ann Long Campbell and John Joseph Campbell
Clara Cazzulino
Lata Chatterjee and Tiruvarur Lakshmanan
Dennis Clements and Martha Ann Keels
Gary and Dianne Clinton
Anne F. Coenen
Britta Couris*
Dr. Adrienne D. Cox and John Cox
Dr. Brooks de Wetter-Smith and Mary Lou Smith
David DeMarini
Nancy and Mark Dewhirst
David A. Doll
Alec and Georgia Donaldson
W. Patrick Gale and Dr. Carrie Lynn Donley
E.M. Eddy and D.A. O’Brien
Jane E. Emeis
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Ewing
Barbara and Chris Exton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Falvo
Nicole Bruce Fine
Pat Fischer
Thorsten Fjellstedt
Jaroslav and Linda Folda
Stephen Mark Cumbie and Dr. Druscilla French
Beth Furr
Ann and John Gabor
Beth Ragan Gad and Dr. Shayne Cox Gad
Gail Perry Associates
Elizabeth Galvin*
Gary Clyde Gambrell and Mary Robin Wells Gambrell
James P. Gogan ^
Linda Grimm
Gail and Steve Grossman
Albert and Mary Guckes
Priscilla Guild
Mark W. Hartman
Drs. M. Vikram Rao and Susan June Henning
Marianna Matthews Henry
Mary Cook Howes
David G. Hubby
Gerda (Kani) Hurow
Lynne and Walter Jacobs^
Betty Block James
Kathleen Johnson
Eve and Rudolph Juliano
Claudia Kadis
Julia Booe Keely and Robert Laurence Keely
Barbara Keyworth
Jeanette Kimmel
Dr. William W. Smith and Brenda Womble Kirby
Michael Coleman Maness and Dr. Lois Ann Knauff
Dr. Richard H. Kohn and Lynne H. Kohn
Laura Koshel and Rafael de Jesus
Dr. Leonard and Ruth Kreisman^
Marie E. Kulchinski
Anand and Sandhya Lagoo
Dr. Randolph Leland Lambe and Catherine Underhill Lambe
Carol J. Land and Barry H. Slobin
Douglas M. Lay and Nelda Kilcrease Lay
Lee and Barbara Pedersen
Dayna Lucas
Drs. Douglas E. Maclean and Susan Rose Wolf
Elaine Fisher Marcus and Dr. Lee M. Marcus
Alice and John May
Michael Mayer
Janet L. McCarthy
Sharon and Alan McConnell
Larry McManus and Pamela Nielsen
James and Susan Moeser
Richard J. Muise
Jill Muti
National Philanthropic Trust
Nelda K. Lay Revocable Trust
Linda Williams Norris
Pat and Mary Norris Oglesby
Lois P. Oliver
Glenn O’Neal
Heather and Russ Owen
Bobbie Owens*
Lee and Barbara Pedersen
Robert Peet
Robert and Marilyn Pinschmidt
Gordon and Jo Ann Pitz
Stephen and Lyn Pizer
Robert Davis Porter and Joyce Anne Porter
Gary and Susie Pratt
The Honorable David Eugene Price and Lisa Kanwit Price
Rao Family Foundation
Andrea Reibel*
Terry E. Rhodes
Sandra and Stephen Rich
Linda and Alan Rimer
Alan Linda Rimer
Victor L. Roggli and Linda Surratt Roggli
Bruce Marshall Romans
Beth Rosenberg
Michael Kerry Salemi
Stephanie Schmitt
Dr. Caryl Jane Schwartzbach and Alan Bolzan
Dr. Robert Sealock and Cecile Skrzynia
Barbara and Jonathan Sheline
Wayne Sherrill
Sarah Elizabeth Shively
Dr. Robert Sealock and Cecile Skrzynia
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Smith
Kyle Hardee Smith and Jenn Kroohs Smith
Richard L. Smith and Amy Marie Grady
Meredith and Paul Snow
Connie Spooner
Carol Stamm,
In memory of Dr. John Stamm
Elizabeth L. Stanley*
Jeannie Pfister Stroupe ^
Dr. Robert Joseph Sullivan Jr. and Kim Stephenson Sullivan
Steven and Madeline Sunshine
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Tim and Judy Taft
Monica Taylor*
Margaret G. Teasley
Hugh and Judy Tilson^
Bruce Tomason
Barrie Trinkle
Dr. Glen Holl Elder Jr. and Sandy Aldridge Turbeville
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Inc
John and Donna van Arnold
Adam Versenyi
Carol and Jim Vorhaus
Tovah M. Wax and Lucjan Mordzak
Mary Robin Wells and Gary Gambrell
Ernest T. Wilkes
R. Sanders and Jennifer Williams
Sarah Winkler
Jane Pettis Wiseman
Jerry Worsley
Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP,
In Memory of Joan H. Gillings
Alan J. Young

Patron ($100–249)

Anonymous (10)
Trudi Abel*
Dwight and Robin Allen
Mary Altpeter
Elizabeth Amend*
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Sherry and Mitchell Anscher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Archie*
Matthew and Linda Arnold*
Dean W. Avary
Krista and Michael Babbitt
Pam and Don Bailey
Dan and Susan Barco
Cathy Barrett
Phil Barrineau
Beatrice C. Treat Trust
Anne Beaven and Margaret Louey
Neal and Jeanette Bench
Donna and Daniel Benjamin
Kitty Bergel
Robert A. and Christine S. Berndt
Susan Berry
Patricia Beyle*
Jim and Martha Bick
Justin and Dorothy Biddle
Mr. and Mrs. David Birnbaum
Peter Bleckner
Blue Ridge Psychological Services
Natalie and Gary Boorman
Tony Boothby*
Melissa Bostrom and Krisztian Horvath
Thomas W. and Vicki V. Boyer
Lauren Kennedy Brady and Charlie Brady
Carol Brainard and Nancy Hardin
Philip Breitfeld and Susan Kreissman
Rev. William Sims Brettmann
Eunice Brock and Sam Magill
Linda and David Brown
Charles and Renee Brown
Bates Buckner
Edward and Sheila Burgard
Charles Burnett and Catherine Forneris
Frances D. Burton
Thomas Butler
Dr. Leigh Fleming Callahan
Robert Cameron*
Glenn and Patricia Camp
Janet F. Campbell
Natalie Campbell
Donna Carroll and Gale Lackey
Virginia Carson*
Jean Carter
Michael Case and Lewis Dancy
Lorna Chafe
Dr. Margaret Champion
Beverly Long Chapin
Mimi Chapman*
Nancy N. Chemtob*
Corey and Christine Cicci
Gabriella Cila
Elizabeth Cisar*
Linda G. Clarkson*
Ellen Clevenger-Firley
Steve Cline*
Bill Cobb and Gail Perry
Cathy Cole
Robert F. Coleman III
in memory of Susan Hurst Rappaport
Donald and Eunice Collins
Jeffrey Collins and Rose Mills
Jenn Collins and Paul Runkle
Joseph and Elizabeth Cook
Rayna Cooney
Sharon Scholl Coop
Lee Cope
Janilyn and Vance Cope-Kasten
Mary Jo and Douglas Coppola
John and Belinda Corpening
Sarah Clare Corporandy*
Georgia Court*
Rick and Patty Courtright
Elizabeth Anne Cullington
Fred and Jane Dalldorf
Amy Elizabeth Dallen
Zachary Davis
Mrs. Robert Bigelow DeMaine
Todd Dickinson and Helen Kalevas
Teresa Dollar
Sheila and Joe Dorey*
Scott and Mia Doron
Joy and Chet Douglass*
Ginny and David Dropkin
John F. Duncan, Jr.
Anne Dusek*
Kathleen DuVal and Martin Smith*
Connie Eble
The Eckert Family
Bobette Eckland and Richard Kamens
Mark Ransom Eis
Barbara Elish
Jan Elliott
Jerry and Adelia Evans
Joshua London Evans
Dagmar and J.C. Fahr*
Dr. Richard Fair and M. Clare Fair
Robert Farmer
Shauna and Tom Farmer
Pamela Ferguson*
Laurice Ferris^
Nicole and Bruce Fine*
Karen Fink
Jon and Sue Fish
Gina Cordasco Flynn
Drs. Charles Kirk Burnett and Catherine Ann Forneris
Sara Franks*
Douglas and Judy Frey
Bennett Galef
Betty and Franklin Garland
Ed and Carol Gaunt
Nikki and Anthony Giachetti
William Glasgow
Gunter Glass
Debra and Eric Goldberg*
Alix Goldschmidt*
Eve Benesch Goldschmidt
Raymond and Susan Goodmon
Lucy and John Grant
Stephen Grant
Grant Thornton LLP, In Memory of Joan H. Gillings
Virginia Gray
John Graybeal and Laura Heise
Bill Green and Brett Bohnn
Drs. Lawrence H. Greenblatt and Dr. Cathleen Melton
Elizabeth Grey*
Lucy Grey and Wilson McIver
Jean Susan Gross
Joseph Groves
Kay Gruninger
Satyaki Guha
Erin and Evan Gwyn
Tim Hackett and James Konold
Carol and Nortin Hadler
Janet Hadler
Todd Haimes*
Garrett Hall and Zachary Howell
Bruce Hamilton and Jennifer Weiss*
Jean Handy*
Doranne Hans
Carol Ann Brainard and Nancy W. Hardin
Cheryl and Toby Harrell
Joanne Harrell
Edwin Harris
Lynden Harris*
Patti Seitz Hartel
Jim and Mary Hayes
Rachel Heller
Richard Hendel*
Eric Herget and Sherry Wilner
Klaus Hermanns
Ellen Herron
William Hicks and William Sadler
Ann Hillenbrand
Margaret R. Hinkle*
Marin Hinkle
Jennifer Hodgson and Matthew Conley
Peter Hollis
Houston and Joyce Horn
Mary Howes,
In Memory of Jonathan B. Howes
John and Joyce Hren
David Hubby and Sarah F. Hubby
Mary Hulett*
Malcolm and Wanda Hunter
Leslie Hurtig*
Beth H. Isenhour*
Abby Jablin
Elizabeth W. Jackson
Emma Jakoi
Champa and David Jarmul
Perry Jenkins
Mr. John Jennings and Lisa Jennings
Jewish Community Foundation of Durham & Chapel Hill
Suzanne Fields Jones
Susan Joyner
Eve and Rudy Juliano
Dan and Linda Kaferle
Cindy Kahler
H. Richard and Sally A. Kahler
Dr. Richard Miles Kamens and Bobette S. Eckland
Amy Kane*
Lynne Kane
Howard and Joan Kastel
Laura Kayser*
Paul and Edith Keene
Marie-Beatrice and Robert Keller
Arlon Kemple and Karen Long
Barbara Keyworth
Brian and Moyra Kileff
Dr. Harriet King
Robert and Mary King,
In memory of Charles H. Kahn
Andrew Stewart and Peggy Kinney ^
Ann and Bill Kirkland
Rabecca Klemp
Joyce Kline
Ted and Marilyn Koenig
Stephen and Bunny Koff
Elizabeth Koonce
Helen Kotsher
Lloyd Kramer and Gwynne Pomeroy
Dave and Doris Krepp
Ted and Debbie LaMay
Benjamin Landman and Jen Feldman,
in honor of Ms. Betty-Ann Landman
Gerry and Ray Larson
Robert Lauterborn,
in memory of Sylvia Lauterborn
Carol and Alexander Lawrence
Mary and Jon Leadbetter
Priscilla and Russell Leavitt
Judith and Norbert Lechner
Philip and Nancy Leinbach
David and Carolyn Leith
John and Ruth Leopold
Arnold and Annette Levine
Joy Lewis and Frederick Annand
Betty and John Leydon
Judith C.P. Lilley
Jacqueline Little
Ginger and Derek Long
Carol Lucas
John Ludlow and Kathy Davies
Virginia Ludwig
Mrs. Earl C. Lynch
Sara Mack
Corey Madden
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Madison
Dr. Samuel Hays Magill and Eunice M. Brock
John Manley
Raleigh and Betsy Mann^
Lee and Elaine Marcus
Chris and Caroline Martens
Jeff Mason
Shelley J. Masters
Leigh Matthews
Michael Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. McCall
Meredith McClurg
Ann and Webb McCracken
Ed and Connie McCraw
J.S. McKnight
Patrick Joseph Mclane^
Lee McLean
John and Bonnie Medinger
Ewa Meehan
Larry and Jerri Meisner
Cathleen Melton and Larry Greenblatt
Joan and Ron Mendelsohn
Brian Meredith
Julia Merricks and Susan Hauser*
Tracie Merrill-Wilson
Molly S. Metzler*
Graig Meyer
Ryan Millager
Herbert Miller
Erik and Natalia Milz
Mark and Alice Mine
Sophie Jessica Mitchell
Dana Mochel
Jill Moore *
Aela Morgan*
Eric Muller and Leslie Branden-Muller
Margaret Mullinix
Kate Murphy
Seth Murray and Jamie Newman
Margaret Murray
Judy Murray
Lee and Ava Nackman
Michael Naglich*
Diane Nelson, Ph.D.*
Michele and Klaus Nettesheim
Barbara Nettesheim
Betty Nies
Linda W. Norris
James and Nancy Nutt
Drs. Susan and Raphael Orenstein
Marilyn and Peter Ornstein
Barry and Lois Ostrow
Heather Kelly Owen and Russ Owen
Norman Owen,
in memory of Roberta Yule Owen^
Michael Patrick
Josie Patton
Michael Paul
Ron and Julie Paxton
Robert and Kay Pearlstein
Robert Peet
Nancy Pekar
Arnold Pender
Joanna V. Percher
Imara Perera*
Carol and Al Perlman
Stephen Perrin and Cecelia M. Sandford
Rebecca Perritt
Thomas Phillips
Meredith Piatt
Pickett M. Gutherie Revocable Trust
Jim P. Polga*
Susie Post-Rust and Adam MacKenzie Rust
Ted and Peggy Pratt
Jane Preyer*
Todd and Nicky Purves*
Jeffrey Qualls
Margaret Quinlan
Stephen Allan Rich & Sandra Danneman Rich
Geraldine and Gary Richards
Margaret Louise Robe
Louise A. Robinson
James and Janet Robles
Philip and Jo Rodgers *
Patricia Roos
Joel Rosch and Carol Vatz
Philip Rosoff and Dona Shikaraishi
Judith L. Ruderman
Jennifer Rudinger
Laura and Reid Russell
Patti and Dan Ryan
Sylvia and Norman G. Samet,
In memory of Charles H. Kahn
Celia Sandford and Stephen Perrin
Dale and Robert Sandler
Elizabeth Saunders*
Carol Elizabeth Sawyer
Allie and Ian Scales^
Carol Schachner^
Karen Ann Sindelar and Douglas Brian Schiff
Ernest and Mary Schoenfeld
Tanya L. Schreiber
Janice and Richard Schulke
Dr. Caryl Jane Schwartzbach and Alan Bolzan
Gwendolyn Schwinke
Maren Searle and John Skelley
Rick and Georgie Searles
Patricia Shane
Barbara Sharf
William N. Sharpe Jr.
Alison Sheehy*
Barbara and Jonathan Sheline
Stephanie Shipman and Walter Travers*
Connie Shuping,
in memory of Ed and Dot Kennedy
Nikki Silver*
Bland Simpson*
David Singley Jr.
Ron and Mary Sinzdak
Sim Sitkin and Vivian Olkin
Barry Slobin and Carol Land
Mike and Kim Slomianyj
Linda Smith
Drs. Richard L. Smith and Dr. Amy Grady
Rosalyn Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Solomon ^
Ilene Speizer*
Marcia Spray, In honor of Laura Carson Spray
Kimberly and David Spurr
Sally and Jeremy Stander
Mary Elizabeth Hall and Robert A. Stanger Jr.
Allen Steckler
Susanne Steinmetz*
Anne Stephens*
Marian Stephenson
Cathy and Sefton Stevens
Andy Stewart and Peggy Kinney^
Dorcas Stolper
Leslie and Paul Strohm
Mr. Edward Strong*
Jeannie Pfister Stroupe^
Ed and Lynne Sullivan
Terrence and Marguerite Sullivan
Steven and Madeline Sunshine
Jeff Surles
Nanette and David Talaski
Beverly Taylor
David C. Taylor
Stephen Tell and Rosemary Hoban
The Boyer Living Trust
Charles Thomas and Suzanne Maupin
Janet Thomas
Robert and Shirley Thompson
David and Kelley Tobin*
Beatrice Treat
Nancy Trovillion*
Nancy Tunnessen
Nancy Tusa and Andy Brawn
David Burr and Rustine Unger
Lindsay Usher
Mary Van Bourgondien*
Ted Van Griethuysen
Barney and Vivian Varner
Dr. Barbara Carol Vatz and Joel Burt Rosch
Adam Versenyi
Jill Vexler*
Dr. Victor and Linda Roggli
Robin Visser
Deborah and Jonathan Wahl
Ina Wallace
Mary Louise Waller
Angela Walter*
Helen Warner
David and Marsha Warren
Tovah Wax and Lucjan Mordzak
George Weinhouse
The Honorable Jennifer Weiss and Bruce Alan Hamilton
Dr. Lynn Wesson
Shirley H. White, in honor of Steven H. White
Loretta Wile
Mike Wiley
Jane Williams
Dr. Nancy E Williamson
Richard D. Wilson
Joy Wood
Nancy Worley
Jerry M. Worsley
Janice and Richard Woychik
David and Dee Yoder
Marla Yost
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Red Hat Matching Gifts
Justin Yung^
Rosilene Ziegler and John Steege

^ Sustainers Club Member
+ Women’s Point of View (WPOV) Supporter
* PlayMakers Special Event Supporter
~ Deceased

This list is current as of January 18, 2022. If your name is listed incorrectly or not at all, please contact PlayMakers Development Office at 919.962.2481. We will ensure you are recognized for your thoughtful support.

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Corporate and Foundation Partners

PlayMakers’ 2021/22 Season is Made Possible in Part by Grants from

National Endowment for the Arts
North Carolina Arts Council

The Shubert Foundation
Arts Midwest
Orange County Arts Commission

Foundation Support

National Endowment for the Arts, North Carolina Arts Council, Orange County Arts Commission, The Shubert Foundation, Fidelity Foundation, Truist Foundation, The Educational Foundation of America

Additional Funding for Guest Artists is Provided by

Robert Boyer and Margaret Boyer Fund, Louise Lamont Fund, Emeriti Professors Charles and Shirley Weiss Fund

Producing Council

Mebane Lumber, Residence Inn Chapel Hill, Spoonflower, Larry’s Coffee, The Siena Hotel/Il Palio Restaurant

Corporate Council

De Maison Selections, Aloft


Cambria Suites

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