David Ball


PlayMakers: Imaginary Invalid.

David Ball, an award-winning playwright, director, novelist, and drama theoretician, wrote Backwards and Forwards, the standard script analysis textbook for the past quarter century. He was dramaturg and playwright at Minneapolis’s Guthrie Theater in the 1970s; Professor of acting, directing, playwriting and dramaturgy at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 1980s; Artistic Director of Pittsburgh’s Metro Theater; and Director of Duke Drama through 1991. His plays and adaptations have been staged at major regional theatres and Off-Broadway, including The Miser and Tartuffe for Tony Award-winning Theatre de la Jeune Lune. His Swamp Outlaw, a Civil War-era novel of Lumbee Indian Henry Berry Lowery and his outlaw raiders, is a Kindle favorite. He has had the privilege of working with director Dominique Serrand for 25 years. In a baffling (even to himself) career change, for 15 years David has been America’s most influential jury consultant. His favorite job ever: taxi driver in 1961.

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