Sonny Kelly

Student-Teacher, Storyteller

Sonny Kelly is a scholar, performer, story teller, motivator, speaker, and comedian. Currently pursuing a PhD in Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill, Sonny is a graduate of St. Mary’s University (MA, Communication Studies, ’08) and Stanford University (BA, International Relations, ’98). Currently, his research is focused on seeking innovative and effective approaches to addressing the Achievement Gap between thriving and marginalized students and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Sonny has served as a U.S. Air Force officer, a non-profit organization director, university admissions counselor, award-winning pharmaceutical salesman, college communications instructor, and a church youth pastor. He teaches courses in Public Speaking, Performance and Interpersonal Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill, Fayetteville Technical Community College, and Robeson Community College. Sonny has also acted professionally on stage and television for over 20 years. Sonny is currently performing an original one-man show called The Talk that grapples with the talks that parents of color must have with their children about surviving and thriving in a racialized America. No matter where he is, or what he is doing, Sonny’s passion for teaching, engaging, and empowering others is unmistakable!

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