Enhance Your Experience

Get ready to really dive into your Temples of Lung and Air experience!

Pre-Show Playlist

Before you get everything else going, you need a playlist. We asked Kane Smego to send us some of his favorite tracks and put a Spotify playlist together for you to jam to while you make your cocktail and peruse the playbill. We’ve been especially taken with Kane’s newest single, “Collard Greens Music.”

Wet Your Whistle

Our friends at TOPO Organic Distillery have crafted a special gin cocktail they’re calling the Hip Hot for you to enjoy as you sit down with your playbill and prepare to enjoy Temples of Lung and Air. Follow along with Estaban to shake up the spicy cocktail:

Digital Playbill

We know you love to flip through the show’s playbill as you wait for the show to begin, so we’re doing our best to enable you to duplicate that experience at home. Flip through our digital playbill here.

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