First Rehearsal for The Crucible

Rehearsals for The Crucible are underway! The entire team gathered for the first time on September 30 to start this important and exciting journey together.

Every first rehearsal for a PlayMakers mainstage production begins first with a Meet and Greet! The cast, creative and production teams, and PlayMakers’ company and staff enjoy refreshments and get to know each other before the design meeting.

In this meeting, the director and designers describe their vision for the production. Here’s The Crucible director Desdemona Chiang giving some insight into her vision for PlayMakers’ take on this “legacy piece of American theatre.”


“This play is about how dangers that appear far away, we kind of ignore, ignore, and ignore until suddenly they become too big for us to cope with. The next thing you know, it’s happening to us. This idea of ‘these girls dancing in the woods in that tiny town of Salem, that isolated group, those crazy girls over there’ becomes ‘oh crap, people are being killed now.’ And how crazy things, things that sound crazy, suddenly become normal if you do them enough. They start to sound normal.” Desdemona Chiang, Director

This isn’t “your grandmother’s Crucible,” says Grier Coleman, Costume Designer. We learned of many surprises in store for this production.

After hearing from the creative team, the cast moves upstairs to the rehearsal hall for the first read-through.

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