It’s Tech – Part 2

Tonight I got see the dress rehearsal for Part I! Of course I’m supposed to be biased, but honestly – it was still the most fun I have had at the theatre in a long time. Previews for Part I start tonight. Production photos will be right here tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check them out. Today, however, we’ve got even more Tech! Because Tech is such a long journey, there are lots of photos, so here we go!

Dede Corvinus takes a turn as Mrs. Crummles.

While Tom and stage manager Chuck Bayang discuss logistics with Weston Blakesly, Matt Murphy and Alice Whitley practice a few steps.

How will Allison Altman descend from this high platform? David Adamson and Jimmy Kieffer to the rescue!

Joy Jones, Marianne Miller and Alice Whitley wait to resume rehearsal after a cue break. 

Justin Adams as Nicholas Nickleby

The grand entrance of the Infant Phenomenon

Wardrobe Supervisor Amy Fortenberry discusses quick changes with several actors backstage, during a break. Where they have to go to change; what they’re changing into. If you’ve seen the chart, you know this is a complicated process.

The Crummles Company

This is the “tech” table. Stage Manager Sarah Smiley, along with designers run the show from here during rehearsals. 

Tom has a note for Joy Jones as Miss Snevellicci