By Anne Torsiglieri

Music by Brad Carroll

Directed by Risa Brainin

one mom’s journey on the autism train

When Amy learns that one of her young twins is autistic, she feels like her life is falling apart. She plunges into the world of autism, trying to piece together a new reality from the countless people she meets: parents, educators, teachers and especially other autistic individuals. Abounding with music, irreverent humor and verbatim interviews, the world of the play is part oral history project, part magical journey into the heartbeat of a different way of being. One woman plays multiple roles in this adventurous exploration of what it is to be human. In the process Amy is changed forever, learning to see the world, her son and the very nature of happiness with clearer eyes.


Due mature language, we recommend this show for ages 15 and up.


Approximately 90 minutes, plus a post-show discussion after every performance.