PlayMakers Mobile: The Tempest

By  William Shakespeare Directed by Tracy Bersley

On a desolate island, the former Duke Prospero and his daughter Miranda have learned to live with the strange and wonderful inhabitants of the land. Exiled by his own brother for being more interested in studying magic than ruling his people, Prospero connects to the enchantments of the island and uses them to summon his enemies and seek his revenge. What ensues is a surprising tale of transformation and all must decide who and how to forgive. The Tempest is a story of love, will, reunion and mercy that questions what it means to be human.

Utilizing music, puppets, clowning, fabric, and only 6 actors, PlayMakers Mobile will bring "The Tempest" to life in an intimate and imaginative way on a tiny square of space, reminding us that "we are such stuff as dreams are made on."

Ticket Prices

Each of our tour stops is absolutely free to audience members thanks to the Friends of PlayMakers and donations to our Annual Fund.

Tour Schedule:

Tuesday, Feb 213:45 pmChapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA
Wednesday, Feb 225:00 pmNC State Library*
Thursday, Feb 233:30 pmJordan Matthews High School
Thursday, Feb 236:30 pmChatham Community Library*
Friday, Feb 242:00 pmCarolina Meadows
Saturday, Feb 253:00 pmDurham Public Library*
Saturday, Feb 256:30 pmTROSA
Sunday, Feb 262:00 pmPlayMakers, CDA 101*

* open to the public