Trial 9

By Jonathan Moises Olivares

Directed by Daniel Banks

Is Love Enough?

Inside the world of conversion therapy, same sex attraction is a disease, and “therapists” are determined to find a cure. When they find one, Elijah’s world is turned upside down. He loves Orlando and Orlando loves him, but Trial 9 asks the question: is love enough?


Due to language and content, this play may not be suitable for those under the age of 16.

APR 13


Joan H. Gillings
Center for Dramatic Art
Studio 101

APR 14 APR 15


Joan H. Gillings
Center for Dramatic Art
Studio 104

Cast List

Jeffery Blair Cornell  Dr. Fisher
Sarah Elizabeth Keyes  Carol/Barbara
Sarita Ocón  Carmen
Jonathan Olivares  Elijah
Tristan Parks  Orlando

Emily McGregor  Stage Manager

About the Playwright

Jonathan Moises Olivares is currently a senior at UNC Chapel Hill studying dramatic art and graphic design. He is a recipient of The Richard and Christopher Edward Adler Award as well as a recipient of an Honorable Mention in the Inaugural LGBTQ Performance Commission Project. Born in Hollywood, California, he moved to North Carolina when he was very young. His parents, Julio and Elizabeth Olivares, are immigrants from El Salvador and taught him to be proud of all his intersecting identities. He works as an artist/activist to promote intersectionality amongst LGBTQ representation and moonlights as a graphic designer.