The Power of Connection

A Comparative Look at Lysistrata and The Game

Bekah Brunstetter’s The Game is a hilarious modern adaptation of Lysistrata by Aristophanes, the first Greek comedy. These two comedies dive deep into themes like empowerment, negotiation, and the significance of connection. While both plays are set in different periods, both capture the message and importance of connections we need in everyday life.

In Lysistrata, we meet a formidable character who rallies the ladies of ancient Greece to put their foot down, or rather, withhold certain privileges until the men end their warring ways. It’s a witty take on gender dynamics back in the day, showing how unconventional approaches can shake up societal norms.

Now, shifting gears to modern times with The Game with married couple Alyssa and Homer. Instead of war, Homer is obsessed with an online video game. Alyssa, who wants to reconnect with her husband and stop him from playing the video game, bands together a support group of women whose partners are similarly addicted. We see relationships navigating the digital age, where partners battle for attention.

What’s truly fascinating is how both plays underscore the timeless importance of connection. Whether it’s ancient Athens or your living room, the need for genuine human interaction remains a constant. These narratives serve as gentle reminders that bridging gaps, whether through collective action or heartfelt conversations, is the key to empowerment and resolution.

“It’s so interesting to me how we connect with each
other, and how we form community and get very intimate with each other very quickly. I love that about women, and I think it’s our strength, our ability to connect. And that’s what kind of got me all the way back to Lysistrata, women using their sex as power. I think that women now, we use our ability to connect, and micromanage, and multitask. That’s kind of our power now and I love that about women.”

Bekah Brunstetter, Playwright of The Game

So, let’s continue embracing that spirit of connection, collaboration, and understanding, paving the way for a brighter, more united future, one play or video game at a time.

Don’t miss the World Premiere of The Game by Bekah Brunstetter at PlayMakers Repertory Company, on stage April 10-28, 2024.