The Making of a King: Is it Opening yet?

by “our secret source in tech”

Three days until opening and we are still tweaking the show. All of it worth it, of course, but my body and mind are starting to feel the strain. I feel like that guy in The Wages of Fear driving a truckload of nitroglycerine across a lunar landscape… “No… Sleep… ‘Til Harfleur!”

Some observations:

  • Everyday I key into something different. Last night I was struck by Patrick McHugh’s pitch-perfect Poins, and the strength with which Dee Dee Battest (Montjoy) will plant herself and serve up text.
  • There’s Jennifer Tipton up on the scafolding… she’s still checking light levels.
  • Did I just hear a dog barking on stage?

  • What? The rain on stage is fueled by the mens dressing room shower? and here I thought they had a deferred maintenance issue.
  • When did Billy Corgan join the cast? Oh wait, that’s Ray Dooley.
  • Wow, Westmorland has a really big sword.
  • Why wasn’t Tug dressed in battle armor for Shrewsbury?

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