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Apr 22 2017

Breaking Barriers with “My Fair Lady”

At first glance, Tyne Rafaeli might not be the sort of person you’d expect to direct a colorful musical classic like My Fair Lady. Not only is she a competitive gymnast, but her classical actor’s training caused her to focus mostly on Shakespeare and devised work for the early part of her directing career. But… Read more »

Apr 8 2017

The Making of “My Fair Lady”

“My Fair Lady” has arrived PlayMakers, but don’t expect a carbon copy of the 1964 film with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison.

Apr 4 2017

From Screen to Stage: “My Fair Lady”

How will director Tyne Rafaeli and her creative team work to make the production new, yet also appealing to audiences who first fell in love with the movie version?

Feb 24 2017

Shakespeare, Slim Aarons Style

TWELFTH NIGHT was written over 400 years ago, making it sometimes difficult for modern audiences to connect to his comedy. One way that director Jerry Ruiz decided to overcome this was by setting it in a mid-20th century Mediterranean resort, complete with rich socialites and their first world problems—like a butler who’s gotten too big for his britches. In the case of making Shakespeare accessible, specificity is key.

Feb 20 2017

PlayMakers Dramaturg Receives Junior Faculty Award

Playwright and PlayMakers dramaturg Jacqueline E. Lawton has recently received the Junior Faculty Award from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in for her work Among These Wild Things, a piece set to address the ethical and moral dilemmas a couple faces when they learn that any children they bring into the world may have a terminal genetic disorder.

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