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Theatre Quest

For Grammar & Middle Schoolers

Julius Caesar

March 4–22

JUST ANNOUNCED! Our 2020/2021 Season!

All Too Human: The Art of Comedy

Celebrating the many forms and faces of comedy in theatrical history.

To Be Announced
Aug 21–25

Steel Magnolias
Sep 11–29

Mother Russia
Oct 16–Nov 3

As You Like It
Mar 4–22

Akeelah and the Bee
Apr 8–26

Laughing Matters
Apr 29–May 3

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Our Blog

Feb 15 2020

Bathe Your Hands in Caesar’s Blood

Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar” is a bloody tale of political and social scheming, but how do you make that blood happen on stage? Our props department is glad you asked.

Feb 13 2020

A Head Above the Plebes

Jan Chambers gets big with her design and the artisans in our props shop and scene shop tackle it with aplomb!

Feb 3 2020

Every Prop in “Everybody”

The props in “Everybody” took creativity and “epicness” to the next level. Andrea Bullock, PlayMakers Props Master, explains how she helped bring this confrontation with death to life.

Jan 9 2020

Before Everybody, There Was Everyman

Brendan Jacobs-Jenkins’ “Everybody” whimsically revitalizes the 15th century morality play of “Everyman” and our own ever-present confrontation with Death.

Jan 7 2020

Debunking Amish Myths

The Amish are an easily recognized, but little understood people. Get your crash course in Amish life before seeing “The Amish Project.”

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