Jan 19 2012

“A lotta touch of Harry in the night”

by “a secret source within the rehearsal hall” What’s it like being an actor in The Henrys? A little like being on the march to Agincourt. Hurry-up-and-wait… Stay focused for hours on end… give your captain your full respect and attention. Tonight we finished up our work in the rehearsal hall with our first full run… Read more »

Jan 18 2012

Altering Armor for The Making of a King

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan On deck at work, we are currently well into production on a pair of repertory shows, Shakespeare’s Henry IV and V. The designs for this show are one of those non-era-eras that I like to describe as “postmodern collage”—a mixture of modern and historical styles all blended together to create… Read more »

Dec 6 2011

“Virginia Woolf” Photos Are Here!

Once again we’ve brought in photographer Jon Gardiner to get some production photos at the final dress rehearsal of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – and these shots are pretty spectacular! Check them out below to get a sneak peek of this sizzling production. Ray Dooley as George, Katie Paxton as Honey, Julie Fishell as Martha… Read more »

Dec 2 2011

The Costumes of “Virginia Woolf”

When working on a period show, the costume shop often has to rely on finding vintage pieces or making similar garments themselves. But luckily for this production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the styles of the 1960s are making a comeback (probably due to the popularity of AMC’s Mad Men). “The fashions on the… Read more »

Nov 28 2011

The Set Design of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

For Alexander Dodge, set designer for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the design process began with understanding the play’s psychological and emotional tone. “The atmosphere of the play is incredibly hot much of the time and frequently unbearably so,” he said. “However, its volatility is absorbing and even bewitching.” From there, Dodge and director Wendy… Read more »

Nov 17 2011

“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and the Pulitzer Prize

Entertaining? Definitely. Shocking? At times. Wholesome? …maybe not. There’s a lot that can be said about Edward Albee’s 1962 Broadway debut Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, winner of the 1963 Tony Award and initial winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Drama. But when it came time to award the Pulitzer, the committee actually decided to… Read more »

Nov 10 2011

Get on the Bus! – Don’t forget your luggage.

1961: The Freedom Riders have gathered from across America.  They are about to travel to the segregated and violent southern states to fight racial prejudice. What might they bring with them on such a trip?  A change of clothes? A few belongings for the road? In the first few days of rehearsal for Mike Wiley’s… Read more »

Nov 7 2011

The Best of Both Worlds: Undergrads in “The Parchman Hour”

Many of the artists at PlayMakers have ties to UNC-Chapel Hill, but it’s not often that a production features undergrad actors in the cast. However, open casting calls for The Parchman Hour brought undergraduates Jessica Sorgi and Allen Tedder to the PlayMakers stage – a fact the students are pretty excited about. Jessica Sorgi “I don’t… Read more »

Nov 3 2011

Photos of “The Parchman Hour’!

Every dress rehearsal (the night before our first public performance), we bring our favorite photographer Jon Gardiner into the theater to shoot production and press photos. He always gets great pictures that show off the excitement of the production. Check out some of his shots of The Parchman Hour below! Dee Dee Batteast with the… Read more »

Nov 2 2011

Costuming the Freedom Riders, part 2

by Rachel Pollock, Costume Designer A few posts ago, I made an update about the show opening tonight for which I have designed costumes, a world premiere of a new script by playwright and director Mike Wiley. The play, The Parchman Hour, takes place partly in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Farm prison. My prior post talked about… Read more »