Nov 7 2011

The Best of Both Worlds: Undergrads in “The Parchman Hour”

Many of the artists at PlayMakers have ties to UNC-Chapel Hill, but it’s not often that a production features undergrad actors in the cast. However, open casting calls for The Parchman Hour brought undergraduates Jessica Sorgi and Allen Tedder to the PlayMakers stage – a fact the students are pretty excited about. Jessica Sorgi “I don’t… Read more »

Nov 3 2011

Photos of “The Parchman Hour’!

Every dress rehearsal (the night before our first public performance), we bring our favorite photographer Jon Gardiner into the theater to shoot production and press photos. He always gets great pictures that show off the excitement of the production. Check out some of his shots of The Parchman Hour below! Dee Dee Batteast with the… Read more »

Nov 2 2011

Costuming the Freedom Riders, part 2

by Rachel Pollock, Costume Designer A few posts ago, I made an update about the show opening tonight for which I have designed costumes, a world premiere of a new script by playwright and director Mike Wiley. The play, The Parchman Hour, takes place partly in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Farm prison. My prior post talked about… Read more »

Oct 31 2011

“The Expression of Experience” by John Patrick

John Patrick is a vocal coach who has worked in film, theatre, and television. He served as the vocal coach for A Number with PlayMakers before working on The Parchman Hour. The voice carries on it the expression of an experience. Each voice is different just like each person’s perspective is different. The human need… Read more »

Oct 28 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Video of “The Parchman Hour”

Check out our behind-the-scenes video for The Parchman Hour, featuring playwright-director Mike Wiley with members of the design and production team and the cast! The Parchman Hour is now playing through November 13. Learn more here.

Oct 26 2011

“A Music Director’s Perspective” by Rozlyn Sorrell

Singer/actress Rozlyn Sorrell is a New York native who has performed in music, film, television and theatre in Los Angeles and currently operates Vocal Precision Studio in Raleigh. Rozlyn serves as the music director for The Parchman Hour. As an educator, I feel this piece is very timely and relevant in the world in which… Read more »

Oct 24 2011

“A Remarkable Journey” by Kashif Powell

Kashif Powell is a Triangle-based actor, and a Ph.D. student in Performance Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, making his PlayMakers debut as Stokely Carmichael in The Parchman Hour. It has been such a privilege to work on The Parchman Hour. This project has taken me on a remarkable journey, teaching me profound lessons in courage and sacrifice… Read more »

Oct 21 2011

Designing the world of “The Parchman Hour”

When audiences enter the theater to see The Parchman Hour, their eyes will probably go straight to the life-sized bus onstage. “The bus became the real tag for me as so much of this story and the story of the civil rights movement involves buses,” says set designer McKay Coble, citing the story of Rosa… Read more »

Oct 19 2011

Parchman in Context, Part 2

by Ashley Lucas, Dramaturg Ashley Lucas is production dramaturg for The Parchman Hour by Mike Wiley. The text of this post contains the dramaturgical notes she wrote for the program of the play. This is Part 2 of a two-part essay — click here to start with Part 1! ——————————— The bus rides themselves provided sufficient evidence… Read more »

Oct 17 2011

So who were the Freedom Riders?

PlayMakers Repertory’s upcoming show, The Parchman Hour: Songs and Stories of the ’61 Freedom Riders, focuses on the story of a brave and determined group of men and women who had a significant impact on the Civil Rights Movement. Here’s some inspirational historical context to get you ready to see the show. It started with… Read more »