Dec 2 2010

Shipwrecked! in Pictures

Previews for Shipwrecked! have begun and Opening Night is only 2 days away! Here’s a sneak peek at the production through photos. Shipwrecked! is on stage now through December 19 and is great fun for all ages. In the words of Louis de Rougemont… “Welcome to this temple of the imagination. This hallowed hall where… Read more »

Dec 1 2010


by director Tom Quaintance It’s about 1:00am – I’m sitting in the Paul Green Theatre after we just wrapped up our weekend of “ten out of twelve” tech rehearsals.  We go from noon to midnight with a dinner break each night from 5:00-7:00. Long days.  A common term to describe this time is “tech hell”… Read more »

Nov 29 2010

The Aborigines of Shipwrecked!

I finally have all the images for a post I’ve been itching to write for weeks: aborigine masks for Shipwrecked! In the play, the main character Louis de Rougemont at one point meets an initially-hostile tribe of aborigines. Because all the actors play many roles, they needed to be able to “become” aborigines immediately by… Read more »

Nov 17 2010

Batik Part 2

The other day, I wrote about the first half of this story, namely, how the creative team and I came to the decision of what fabric pattern we were going to create, and how we were going to create it. I left off with the choice of which sample fabric was going to be the one… Read more »

Nov 15 2010

Batik Part 1

I’m designing costumes for PlayMakers Repertory Company‘s upcoming production of Donald Margulies’ Shipwrecked! An Entertainment. This play affords a huge range of design challenges, not just within specific departments but collaboratively among all the elements of production. One project we’ve already begun work on is the generation of some batik fabric yardage for the characters… Read more »

Nov 1 2010

Fences Production Photos

All photos by Jon Gardiner. Charlie Robinson as Troy and Kathryn Hunter-Williams as Rose Charlie Robinson as Troy and Kathryn Hunter-Williams as Rose Thomasi McDonald as Jim Bono and Charlie Robinson as Troy Erik LaRay Harvey as Lyons and Kathryn Hunter-Williams as Rose Charlie Robinson as Troy Ray Anthony Thomas as Gabriel Ray Anthony Thomas as Gabriel and… Read more »

Oct 26 2010

A Brand New Hat!

At work, we’re in tech for August Wilson’s Fences and our costume designer, Helen Q. Huang, wanted a porkpie hat for the character of Lyons. Trouble is, we don’t have a porkpie crown block in the correct size! However, that was not insurmountable. Here’s how my crafts assistant, first-year grad student Adrienne Corral, built up… Read more »

Sep 29 2010

The Making of As You Like It…

Today’s video is a peek behind-the-scenes,  edited and produced by Braxton Hood. It includes interviews with Director Joseph Haj, Composer Mike Yionoulis, Scenic Designer Peter Ksander and Costume Designer Anne Kennedy.

Sep 27 2010

Another hat-making pictorial for As You Like It

Costume designer Anne Kennedy had seen several hats she loved for the character of Corrin–some in her research images, and some on actual people she saw in the street. Ultimately, what she wanted for this man (whose clothes are distressed, and he lives in the woods) was a battered tall-crowned homburg with essentially a cattleman’s-crease… Read more »