Sep 22 2010

Dress Rehearsal!

The cast of As You Like It performed their final dress rehearsal last night! Previews begin tonight, the first time the cast performs in front of an audience. The production is beautiful and a lot of fun. Here’s a peek… David Adamson as Adam, Derrick Ledbetter as Orlando, KG Garcia as Oliver Brett Bolton, Jeffrey… Read more »

Sep 17 2010

Scenes from a Rehearsal Hall

Today is the big day! As You Like It begins tech and moves into the Paul Green Theatre for the first time in the rehearsal process. To mark this special day, here are a few images from the rehearsal hall. Scott Ripley’s Jaques observes the antics of Jimmy Kieffer’s Touchstone & Katja Hill’s Audrey. Director… Read more »

Sep 13 2010

A Brand New Hat

At PlayMakers, we are well into production on our first mainstage show of the season, Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Our costume designer, Anne Kennedy, found a hat that she loved for the character of Rosalind, but it was a completely unacceptable color. It fell to me to make a reproduction. Here’s how i did… Read more »

Sep 9 2010

Costumes – All in the Research

Any costume designer will tell you great design starts with great research. Today we’ll take a peek at As You Like costume designer Anne Kennedy’s research as she began work on Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy. These only serve as inspiration, not the final designs, however. Check back here in the coming days to see Anne’s… Read more »

Sep 8 2010

Beckett’s Happy Days Opens Tonight!

Today we’re taking a detour from our Mainstage production to bring you these “hot-off-the-presses” photos from PRC² ‘s Happy Days, which opens tonight. Longtime company member Julie Fishell portrays Winnie, one of the great female roles of the American theatre, while fellow company member Ray Dooley plays her husband Willie. Happy Days is Samuel Beckett’s… Read more »

Aug 30 2010

Welcome Back To Page to Stage!

Thanks for tuning back into the PlayMakers blog for another exciting season! This year we’ll be covering all the shows in our Mainstage season, starting with Shakespeare’s As You Like It. We’re excited to kick off our 35th season with one of the Bard’s most compelling and fully-imagined female characters – Rosalind – as she… Read more »

Nov 30 2009

Part II in Pictures

Part II of Nicholas Nickleby had its first post-Opening performance yesterday afternoon, so it seems now would be a great time to post pictures from that half of the show.  Before we get into Part II, however, director Tom Quaintance sent me this first photo. He received it on Opening Night from Chinatown screenwriter, Robert Towne. It’s… Read more »

Nov 24 2009

Sleepless Nights, Endless Day & No Place I’d Rather Be!

For the first time since I started working on this blog, this post is totally from my point of view as a member of the administrative staff. It had always been my opinion that the more interesting stuff goes on in the shops, the rehearsal hall and on the stage, but after this week’s Opening… Read more »

Nov 18 2009

The Countdown to Opening Begins with Previews

Tonight is our first preview for Part II and it would probably be helpful for those not familiar, to explain exactly what a preview is. How is it different from Opening?  How is it different from other performances? Previews are a time-honored tradition, practiced in most professional theatres from Broadway to Pittsburgh to Chapel Hill.  … Read more »

Nov 16 2009

The world is our closet! Er, sort of.

Much has been made of the sheer scale of costuming a production this size–if you’ve been following the blog you know that not only are we making many costumes in-house, but have also pulled a lot from our own stock, borrowed them from partner theatres and drama departments in the state university system, and rented… Read more »