Rishan Dhamija

Company member 2016–2019

PlayMakers: Life of Galileo, Bewilderness, Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood, Leaving Eden, Tartuffe, Dot, Sense and Sensibility, My Fair Lady, The May Queen; PlayMakers Ground Floor Beast on the Moon.

International: Wasted (Turntable Productions, New Delhi); Arsenic and Old Lace: A Goremet Affair, Stop Look Bang, All’s Well that Ends (At Rise Productions, New Delhi); Shiva Calling (Idea Worx Productions, New Delhi); Black Comedy (Old Cheese Productions, New Delhi).

University: Inheritance of the Jhunjhunwalas, The Mousetrap, That Darn Plot, The Solitary Creeper (University of Delhi).

Education: BA Honors Economics, Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi; Screenwriting Certificate, NYU-Tisch; Filmmaking Intensive, USC.

Shows at PlayMakers