Featuring original music by Justin Ellington

Life of Galileo

By Bertolt Brecht Directed by Vivienne Benesch

The classic play reimagined with a cutting-edge, modern aesthetic

Galileo Galilei: father, hero, heretic. When a chance discovery leads to evidence of a seismic shift in scientific thinking, Galileo sparks a dangerous dispute with authority. To challenge the idea that the earth is the centre of the universe is to challenge the all-powerful Roman Catholic Church. Brecht’s dramatisation of the battle between belief and reason considers whether proof matters when dogma reigns.


We recommend this show for interested audiences of all ages, but those 11-years-old and up may find it most engaging.

Run Time

Approximately 3 hours, including intermission.

“If one masterwork seems more timely than ever, it is ‘Life of Galileo’ — I can’t think of a more prescient play for our times.”

The Guardian


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