Meet the Characters of The May Queen

logo It’s the dreariest time of year with nothing but sludge, fog, and taxes on the horizon and we find ourselves 90 miles north of New York City at a boutique insurance company called The Vallor Group. By boutique we really mean small, recessed, tragically out-of-date, and failing to thrive. This is at least in part due to “pod” structure of the workplace: four workstations, tucked away and isolated from all the other pods around it.

This may be the saddest pod of them all.

huthphoto-kah_4032 L to R: Julie Fishell as Gail Gillespie, Jenny Latimer as Nicole, Andrea Syglowski as Jen Nash and Rishan Dhamija as David Lund. Photo by HuthPhoto.


nicoleblog Meet Nicole (Jenny Latimer), Personnel Supervisor at the Vallor Group. She may be fresh out of business school, but she makes up for it by strictly executing her managerial duties with all the awkward unsurety of a newborn fawn taking its first steps.

She is younger than her subordinates—by A LOT.

huthphoto-kah_4637 L to R: Jenny Latimer as Nicole, Julie Fishell as Gail Gillespie. Photo by HuthPhoto.

Gail Gillespie

img_20161121_blog Meet Gail Gillespie (Julie Fishell), Vallor Group team member. This positive mother of two always smells good, always looks good, makes perfect brownies, and has never been to Europe (or college). She’s also readily available for all your Zumba, Cardio Boot Camp, Belly Blaster Belly Dancing, massage therapy, or general crafting needs.

She watches Dr. Oz every day for age-fighting tips.

huthphoto-kah_3888 Julie Fishell as Gail Gillespie. Photo by HuthPhoto.

David Lund

davidblog Meet David Lund (Rishan Dhamija), Vallor Group team member and only child from the poorest part of Kingston. He’s extremely hardworking and sensitive, somehow managing to go to school full time while working full time. He has never sat at the cool table, missed a day of work, or purchased any item he didn’t first research.


huthphoto-kah_4246 Rishan Dhamija as David Lund, Photo by HuthPhoto.

Mike Petracca

mikeblog Meet Mike Petracca (Nate Miller), Vallor Group team member. Handsome. Big brotherly. Warm. He always looks like he’s just gone for a run and often has. His mysterious, winning confidence has made him popular with the ladies, but he’s spent more nights on a bar stool than than he really should.

Has hard time letting go of the past.

photoc4-cah_6467 Nate Miller as Mike Petracca. Photo by HuthPhoto.

Jen Nash

jenblog Meet Jen Nash (Andrea Syglowski), Kingston High’s May Queen of 1999 and temporary member of the Vallor Group. She is as kind as they come; just a sweet soul through and through. And she’s back in her hometown for the first time in years now that she’s heard Mike Petracca is no longer in town.

She’s in for a surprise.

huthphoto-kah_4346 L to R: Nate Miller as Mike Petracca and Andrea Syglowski as Jen Nash. Photo by HuthPhoto.

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