The Real Americans

Directed by Charlie Varon

A roadtrip to find American identity

Armed with only a van and a tape recorder, Dan Hoyle traveled across our country in search of what’s at the heart of the heartland. In addition to downhome hospitality, he witnessed angry populism among the citizens who have been called “the real Americans.” With brilliant documentary storytelling that’s been compared to the work of Studs Terkel and Charles Kuralt, Dan helps us better understand the divide between big city and small town America.

Age Recommendation

Some language and themes may not be appropriate for all audiences. We recommend this production for patrons ages 14 and older.

“Nothing short of brilliant: unsettling, poignant and hilarious”

The Huffington Post

“Impressive, hilarious, moving and provocative … should be seen in and outside every liberal bubble in this country”

San Francisco Chronicle


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