5 Reasons We Love a Rep

Now that you have an idea of the craziness that comes with producing a rotating repertory, you may be wondering: What’s the point? Why do we put ourselves through this?

We’re glad you asked. Here are 5 reasons we love a rep:

  1. We love a challenge. The Rep is a big undertaking. With only a 2–3 extra weeks of production time, the entire company must design, build, rehearse, open, and maintain two shows at the same time. Double-cast actors must be able to rehearse for hours on end, eventually embody two different characters, and slip in and out of each role. Designers must exercise their creativity to the max in order to make a smooth transition between two shows that might ordinarily have very different designs.
  2. “You either got it, or you ain’t, and boys, we’ve got it.” We know we can step up to this challenge because our company was designed for it. It’s truly incredible to see the entire company band together to push one another to the very edges of talent and ability—from producing artistic director all the way down to our newest work study student. The Rep makes us better at what we do—better at what we do for you.
  3. Double the theatre, quadruple the discovery. Setting two shows right next to each other naturally invites comparison. During our 2014/15 season, we set A Midsummer Night’s Dream in rep with Into the Woods, which shared the common themes of magic and transformation, where a mysterious forest creates challenges and adventures for all who enter. We hope that this season’s rep will spark as many questions about about faith and following for you as it already has for us.

Why We Love a Rep:  Caroline Strange, Brandon Garegnani in PlayMakers 2013 production of "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. Photo by Michal Daniel. Why We Love a Rep: Brandon Garegnani, Arielle Yoder in PlayMakers 2013 production of "Metamorphoses" by Mary Zimmerman. Photo by Michal Daniel.

  1. New ways of engagement. Such a big event offers more opportunity for discussion about the productions, why they are part of the rep, and how we hope to our productions might impact the community. We invite you further into the production process and host additional talkback opportunities, including the special panel on March 10 with Dr. Bart Erhman and Dr. Robert Franklin. Or just go out for drinks with friends after the show!

  2. It’s just fun! Watching the same performers juggle multiple roles is straight up exciting! It creates a sense of familiarity and establishes connections between performer and audience. It invites wonder at the versatility of the set design and lighting, the accomplishments of the costume shop, and the incredible team of artists, artisans, and administrators that make The Rep happen. The Rep perfectly captures and displays the dedication, passion, and close collaboration that has become synonymous with PlayMakers Repertory Company.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we love a rep. Will you #RepTheRep?

The 2018 Rep runs Mar 1–Feb 11. Don’t miss out on the event of the season! Get your tickets today!