Jul 12 2018

The Toast of Mayfair

In her her third season in PlayMakers’ Summer Youth Conservatory, Beth Siegling faces her biggest challenge yet in the Kit Kat Club’s beguiling Sally Bowles.

Apr 20 2018

Meet Laurelyn Dossett

“Leaving Eden” may be Laurelyn Dossett’s first time working with PlayMakers, but she’s no stranger to composing for theatre about North Carolina life.

Apr 16 2018

Welcome Home, Mike Wiley

UNC’s newest Distinguished Alumnus returns to PlayMakers for the final piece of a season bookended with productions about life and social disparity in North Carolina.

Apr 10 2018

Getting to “Eden” – Dressing the Stage

What’s the first thing you’ll notice when you step into the Paul Green Theatre “Leaving Eden”? Stuff—tons and tons of miscellaneous objects lining the perimeter of the stage.

Apr 5 2018

Getting to “Eden” – Completing the Illusion

In Part II, we continue our look at the production process for “Leaving Eden,” cornering scenic charge Jessica Secrest to learn the secrets of painting one thing to look like another.

Mar 27 2018

Getting to “Eden” – Inside the Scene Shop

Get an insider’s look at the scenic production process for “Leaving Eden.” In Part I, we catch up with scenic designer Jan Chambers and the beginning of the construction process.

Mar 16 2018

Step Into Those Shoes

Playwright and documentarian Mike Wiley is ever-mindful of history’s echoes. And never more so than in his upcoming new play “Leaving Eden,” with music by Laurelyn Dossett.

Mar 9 2018

Two is Better Than One!

This year we even got some guest artists in on the excitement of the rotating repertory. But have you ever thought about what it’s like being part of the rep?

Feb 23 2018

Shining the Spotlight Backstage

Here at PlayMakers we have a permanent professional team of actors, designers, artisans, and technicians working on every show. So, we wanted to give YOU the chance to meet our team.

Feb 5 2018

Saheem Ali: When the Play Chooses You

After working at numerous theatres across the country, Saheem Ali is bringing his artistic talent to PlayMakers for Molière’s “Tartuffe,” in a dynamic new adaptation by David Ball.