Who’s Who in Much Ado

Hey there! Welcome to the Much Ado About Nothing fan club—Shakespeare style! So, you’re gearing up for the show and wanna be in the know, right? Well, you’re in for a treat with this witty comedy.


1. Benedick: Picture a guy with a sharp tongue and a sharp mind. He’s the king of banter and swears off love like it’s going out of style. But watch out, his heart might have other plans.

2. Beatrice: Meet Benedick’s match in wit and sarcasm. She’s not one to shy away from a good verbal duel. Keep an eye on her because she might just surprise you with her feelings.

3. Claudio: Our young, love-struck soldier. He falls head over heels for Hero and is ready to do anything to win her heart. But like any good Shakespearean tale, love ain’t always smooth sailing.

4. Hero: The object of Claudio’s affection. Sweet and innocent, she’s caught up in the whirlwind of love and deception.

5. Don Pedro: The big man on campus. He’s the prince and plays matchmaker, stirring up love and drama in equal measure.

6. Don John: The brooding bad guy. He’s got a serious case of jealousy and mischief up his sleeve. Keep an eye on him; he’s trouble.

7. Leonato: Hero’s dad and the host of the social shenanigans. He’s a good guy caught up in the web of misunderstandings.

8. Margaret and Ursula: The sidekicks, if you will. They add a spice to the mix and have their own part to play in the romantic chaos.

9. Dogberry and Verges: The comic relief comes in the form of the town constables. They may be serious in nature, but in practice, they’re a goofy pair.

10. Antonia and Friar: Bringing diplomacy and calm to the play are Beatrice’s mother Antonia and the town Friar.

11. Borachio and Conrad: Don John’s loyal associates Borachio and Conrad are up to no good. Their mischief brings the play to a shocking climax!

12. Oatcake and Seacole: The town’s watchmen will bring another case of the giggles to the stage with their antics.

13: Balthasar and Musician: Leonato’s servants and musicians will bring a romantic atmosphere with their beautiful music.


  • Benedick and Beatrice: The stars of the banter show. Watch as they go from trading verbal blows to falling head over heels. It’s a journey, alright.
  • Claudio and Hero: The classic love story with a few twists. These two are all about the sweet moments, but, of course, there’s a Shakespearean hiccup or two.
  • Don Pedro and Everyone: The puppet master behind the scenes. He means well, but sometimes good intentions pave the road to, well, you know, much ado about nothing.
  • Don John and Mischief: He’s like the evil genius in the corner, pulling strings and causing chaos. The guy you love to hate.

So there you have it, your backstage pass to the world of Much Ado About Nothing. Enjoy the show, soak in the language, and remember, it’s all much ado about something! On stage Nov 15 through Dec 3, 2023!