Nov 4 2009

The Vision Series – The Blog in Live Action!

Are you enjoying the behind-the-scenes picture you’re getting from this blog? If so, you can see a live-action version tonight at PlayMakers! Join us for the Vision Series as directors Tom Quaintance and Joseph Haj answer you questions and give you the scoop on what’s going on in the rehearsal hall. You can also get… Read more »

Nov 3 2009

Bespoke Millinery, Part Two

Before we get to Rachel Pollock’s newest post – I need to make a correction to a previous post. Randy Handley’s notes (as mentioned in the last photo of this post) are actually kept using the award-winning system he designed, CAPS (Computer Aided Paperwork System). Co Star is the system that catalogues the PlayMakers/DDA vintage costume… Read more »

Oct 30 2009

Just for Fun Friday

It’s a quiet Friday morning, so I thought I would post some “just for fun” pictures from around the building. An abbreviated tour, if you will… First up… co-director Tom Quaintance in the wee hours, three weeks into rehearsal. This was taken from a Skype conversation he was having with friends back home. Tom actually… Read more »

Oct 29 2009

“Ladies and Gentlemen…it is one o’clock”

As one might imagine, if one has been following us on our journey to bring this play to fruition, there are many idiosyncrasies to this process we’ve undertaken. So it seems a bit redundant to say something like “this is unlike any other production I’ve been a part of.” Not only redundant, it can’t begin… Read more »

Oct 28 2009

And the Costumes Just Keep Coming

Nevermind that I’ve worked in this building for nearly a decade. I’m not sure that I’ve ever gone to a costume fitting here. I have definitely been missing out! Today I went to a couple, and they were a ton of fun. Of course all I had to do was take pictures. Because this show… Read more »

Oct 22 2009

“…But oh, let us dye with life about us!”

As PlayMakers’ resident crafts artisan, in addition to all the millinery, another of my responsibilities is to function as the company dyer, assisting the costume designer in careful control of the color palette of the show by making adjustments in fabric hues.   Because we share space with the facilities for UNC’s nationally-known Costume Production… Read more »

Oct 21 2009

Costume Sneak Peek

Here’s a tiny sneak peek at some pieces costume designer Jan Chambers and associate designer Jade Bettin have pulled for the show. I’m told that there are over 600 pieces in this room.  Costume designer Jan Chambers inspects pieces pulled for the Crummles Company. The men’s dressing room served as a temporary staging area as… Read more »

Oct 15 2009

The Art of the Power Couple

Video production has hit a small technological snag, so today I’m posting some fun character analyses of the Nickleby “Power Couples,” as seen by our dramaturg Anthony Fichera. Enjoy! Long before Bill/Hillary, Nicholas/Elena, Bennifer and TomKat, Dickens seems to have made considerable use of the Power Couple. Here are a few of them. Mr. and… Read more »

Oct 14 2009

Just For Fun

We don’t normally do two posts in one day, but yesterday I got this great note & photo from Deirdre Haj. Definitely worth sharing… “This was taken over the weekend. When the rehearsal stops, the directors gather on their down time to plan ahead for what will go on in the Nicholas rehearsal rooms. They… Read more »

Oct 14 2009

First Rehearsal – The Joys of a Read-Through

We rarely take photos of first rehearsal, but when it comes to the biggest show in our history, exceptions have to be made. The first rehearsal is typically  a read-through, as you’ll see here.  This is our rehearsal hall, which is large enough to tape out the actual specs of the stage. With a set… Read more »