Jul 16 2009

Freud Meets Dickens

I know you’ve all been waiting for the big set model demonstration video, and believe me when I tell you – me too! Unfortunately, the technical gods (or demons) have decided it is not meant to be this week. It simply refuses to upload, so we’re back to the drawing board for today! However, all… Read more »

Jul 9 2009

Bring on the Model…

Set designer McKay Coble walks us through building the set model for Nicholas Nickleby. Bare model: first we build a model of the theatre in which the set will stand.  This is what it looks like under all of the scenery you see at PlayMakers.  Painting the floor:  I paint/stain individual board of differing widths… Read more »

Jun 23 2009

“Journeyed forth to – LONDON!”

I head out to North Carolina Tuesday to start rehearsal for Midsummer with the Summer Youth Conservatory.  Am coming out a week early to hunker down with Joe and get many hours of planning in on NicNic.  Cast list just went up, and I’m chomping at the bit.  I believe the final cast that went up was “Casting Version 10.” The breakdown… Read more »

Jun 23 2009

Nickleby Cast List & Read-Through

Cast list posted outside PlayMakers Rehearsal Hall (scroll down for readable version) PlayMakers company members attended a two-day casting read-through in April.  Several actors were still performing PRC’s production of Pride and Prejudice, explaining the sideburns. Jeffrey Blair Cornell attended the read-through all day and became Mr. Bennet on the Paul Green stage at night. … Read more »

Jun 18 2009

The Journey Begins…

Of the marvelous theatre experiences I’ve been given, the most extraordinary ones have been works of massive scale: Genet’s 5 ½ hour The Screens at the Guthrie, Shakespeare’s History Plays at the Guthrie (Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I and II, and Henry V), Angels in America at the Alley, etc… These are huge works… Read more »