Celebrate our Legacy | NOW

As part of 100 years of playmaking at Carolina, PlayMakers has inherited a long legacy of entertaining and inspiring stories to reinterpret for our moment. Help us carry that legacy forward into the NOW, as we look back in order to make the present moment that much richer.

Aug 21–Aug 25, 2019

Her story, her way.

Sep 11–Sep 29, 2019

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Oct 16–Nov 3, 2019

Sometimes you really do put your foot in it.

Nov 20–Dec 15, 2019

An era exploding, a century spinning.

Jan 8–Jan 12, 2020

The triumph of forgiveness and compassion.

JAN 22–FEB 9, 2020

You can’t take just anything with you.

Mar 4–Mar 22, 2020

Winning is easy, governing is harder.

Apr 8–Apr 26, 2020

A comedy that is anything but neighborly.

Apr 29–May 3, 2020

The life and times of the marvelous Marvel Cooke.