By Lynden Harris Directed by Kathryn Hunter-Williams

stories from America's death rows

Experience a day-in-the-life on death row as six men unpack their personal inheritances of violence and loss with unexpected love and humor, determined to live fully despite the stark monotony of prison. A co-production with Hidden Voices.

Based on years of conversations with men sentenced to die in prison, Count invites us right into the stark otherworld of death row, a world that is both incredibly dissimilar and sometimes disturbingly similar to our own. During the course of the play, six men seek to discover what truly constitutes a life well-lived. As we join their lively, difficult, and ultimately affirming search for what ancient philosophers called “the good life,” we are challenged and transformed by the recognition that we are all struggling for the same things.


Due to language and intensity of themes, we recommend this play to audiences 14 and older.

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