Elegant Simplicity

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Mark Hartman has whittled the “She Loves Me” orchestration down to fill out a 6-piece band. But it isn’t about economics; it’s a matter of director Kirsten Sanderson‘s vision for the show.

The Look of You

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How does a character’s personality inform Bobbi Owen’s costume designs? And how do those designs move from sketch to reality in the hands of draper Jane Reichard?

A Jewel Box Musical

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First seen on Broadway in 1963, “She Loves Me” was as good as lost to generations of theatergoers until the story of two feuding clerks at a Hungarian parfumerie got its first revival.

Factory Sounds, Detroit Beats

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“As soon as I read it, I knew I would do it.” G Clausen makes his PlayMakers debut with a show that’s right up his alley. Experience the hip-hop-infused, rhythm-driven sound design of “Skeleton Crew.”

Step Into Those Shoes

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Mike Wiley. Photo by Chris Charles for Creative Silence.

Playwright and documentarian Mike Wiley is ever-mindful of history’s echoes. And never more so than in his upcoming new play “Leaving Eden,” with music by Laurelyn Dossett.