Feb 13 2012

“Behind the Grime” by Rachel Pollock

by Rachel Pollock, Crafts Artisan My favorite project on Henry IV is far and away the aging process for Falstaff’s fiddleback leather coat, which was custom made for actor Michael Winters in the role. We brought on board tailor Kara Monroe (also a UNC alum from our costume production MFA program) to pattern and construct… Read more »

Feb 7 2012

“Welding fit for a King” by Trevor Collins

Trevor is a carpenter in the PlayMakers scene shop and is responsible for building the sets for Mainstage and PRC2 productions. Big Bertha, the massive PlayMakers welder In the PlayMakers shop there are three Lincoln Electric MIG welders, however only one of them has been given a name: Bertha. Big Bertha to be precise, and… Read more »

Feb 6 2012

From Sketches to the Stage

Costume designer Jennifer Caprio has generously shared some of her design materials with us to give an inside look at the design process. Here are a couple of her beautiful watercolor “renderings,” shown alongside actual production photos that show how the final costume came together. Falstaff Falstaff Costume Rendering Falstaff, played by Michael Winters, with young… Read more »

Feb 2 2012

“The Making of a World” by Elizabeth Moss

by Props Artisan Elizabeth Moss Elizabeth works in the PlayMakers Props Shop, which is responsible for building or borrowing all the props and furniture for each production, including The Making of a King. “The Making of a World: Props for Henrys IV and V”Down in the scene shop they’re putting on the final touches, onstage… Read more »

Feb 2 2012

The Making of a King: Is it Opening yet?

by “our secret source in tech” Three days until opening and we are still tweaking the show. All of it worth it, of course, but my body and mind are starting to feel the strain. I feel like that guy in The Wages of Fear driving a truckload of nitroglycerine across a lunar landscape… “No…… Read more »

Feb 1 2012

The background of ‘The Making of a King’

 Background and dramaturgy material courtesy of dramaturg Adam Versényi Plot Summaries The Making of A King draws its events from a group of four related plays by Shakespeare:  Richard II, Henry IV, Part I, Henry IV, Part II and Henry V.  In Richard II we see the downfall of one king and the rise of… Read more »

Feb 1 2012

Vote for PlayMakers!

It’s time for the Independent Weekly’s “Best of the Triangle” Awards! There are two categories in particular that we’d like to direct you towards: “Best Live Theater Venue” and “Best Live Theater Company.” We’re both! Just visit The Indy’s website and look for us on page 3 of the survey. There are lots of categories,… Read more »

Feb 1 2012

Giving Up The Making of a King

Tom Quaintance By Tom Quaintance Twenty-some years ago I met Joe Haj working on the Guthrie Theatre’s History Cycle: Richard II, Henry IV part 1 and 2, Henry V all together in rep.  I was a directing intern just out of college, and Joe was in the acting company shortly after finishing the Professional Actor… Read more »

Jan 31 2012

“The Tug of War” by Matt Garner

Matt Garner by actor Matt Garner Matt Garner plays four characters in The Making of a King, including Warwick in Henry IV and the Dauphin in Henry V. Early in my acting career, Shakespeare presented itself as this distant, intellectual quagmire – a party for smart people, to which I was not invited. I didn’t… Read more »

Jan 30 2012

“Infinite Possibilities” by Jen Caprio

Jennifer Caprio by Jennifer Caprio Jennifer is the Costume Designer for The Making of the King. Hi!  This is Jen Caprio, the costume designer for the Making of a King repertory. I write this blog entry from tonight’s work session for Henry IV.  Mike Winters is performing Falstaff as I write, a force of talent… Read more »