A Bloody Great Musical

The brilliant tale of obsession and revenge, Sweeney Todd combines melodrama, murder – and “the worst pies in London” – with a sumptuous score by the incomparable Stephen Sondheim. Join the murderous barber and his culinary accomplice Mrs. Lovett for a spellbinding evening of comic turns and thrilling drama.


[A] “whopping grisly yarn … thumping good entertainment”The New York Times

“Skillfully mixes savagery, tragedy and comedy to create a work of art that leaves one in awe”The Guardian

“An audacious balance of acid-drenched comedy with subversive class warfare, gore and glowering drama puts Sweeney Todd in a league of its own”The Hollywood Reporter

Age Recommendation

This production includes scenes of rape, murder, cannibalism and incest. But it’s also incredibly funny. We recommend this production for patrons ages 14 and older.


Apr 13 2016

Sweeney Style, from Concept to Stage

When Bill Brewer served up "gloriously epic" costume designs for Sweeney Todd, PlayMakers' costume shop delivered. Longtime PlayMakers Costume Director Judy Adamson leads a talented team of professionals and students to create the stunning looks we see onstage for all of our productions. For a show like Sweeney Todd with its large cast, multiple costume changes, and specific and challenging designs, the charge is especially great.

Apr 6 2016

Bringing Fleet Street to PlayMakers

There’s no place like London, but Jan Chambers‘ masterful design for Sweeney Todd undoubtedly pulls us right into the heart of Fleet Street. The set is expansive and multi-tiered, featuring everything from revolving rooms to trap doors.

Mar 28 2016

Jen Wineman on Love, Vengeance and London's Worst Pies

It took director Jen Wineman a while to figure out what drew her to the story of Sweeney Todd, but when she figured it out, it all clicked. “It’s actually quite simple. Sweeney Todd is ultimately a musical about love. No matter how gruesome the subject matter—or maybe because of it—people relate to this story.”… Read more »

Mar 28 2016

Refining the Vocal Sound of a Production

My job title, Resident Vocal Coach, is commonly used throughout American theatre, but I find the title misleading. In fact, most people assume I either teach people how to sing or that I wear athletic shorts and a whistle around my neck as I bark orders.

Mar 24 2016

Making Sweeney Dance

Stephen Sondheim's sumptuous score for Sweeney Todd leaves you humming long after leaving the theatre. It's choreographer Tito Hernandez's job to translate that captivating music physically onto the stage through dance.

Mar 17 2016

Amend the Tale: Sondheim, Sweeney and Suspect Savories - Part 1

To paraphrase Voltaire, if Sweeney Todd didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him. A figure equally haunting the shadows of his Fleet Street storefront and the whole of the 19th century English imagination, the fiendish barber holds a telling place in the grinding progress of the Industrial Revolution and its headlong rush toward the modern world.

Mar 17 2016

Amend the Tale: Sondheim, Sweeney and Suspect Savories - Part 2

In a decade in which the American Musical was enmeshed in a state of seismic change, the five collaborations between Stephen Sondheim and director Harold Prince form a stunningly ambitious body of work embodying all of the major transitions. Their first production, the landmark Company (1970) ushered in an era of fractured plots, non-literalist settings, and the tone of ambivalence that would collectively rule the genre.

Mar 4 2016

Exciting Casting News for Sweeney Todd!

We’re thrilled to announce casting coups for our musical Mainstage finale - Sweeney Todd. As rehearsals get underway, two phenomenal actors straight from Broadway have joined our company here in Chapel Hill!


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