Mar 15 2019

Artifacts of Personal History

The Paul Green Theatre is a special place. And director Lee Sunday Evans has found it to be down right inspiration for her vision of “How I Learned to Drive.”

Mar 8 2019

To Tell a Secret, to Teach a Lesson

Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive” is one of the most important plays of the last 50 years and takes on the patriarchy in a unique and unflinching manner.

Feb 21 2019

The World of Galileo: Playing with Props

With the help for Propsmaster Andrea Bullock, Vivienne Benesch and Jim Findlay have dreamed up a world where where the past is constantly flowing in and out of the present.

Feb 18 2019

A Closer Look at Costumes

Does our production of “Life of Galileo” have you feeling curious? Take a closer look inside PlayMakers’ costume shop to learn the ins and outs of preparing for a show!

Feb 14 2019

Galileo Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day from ‘Life of Galileo!” We’ve discovered over some stellar puns, just for you. Pass ’em around!

Feb 8 2019

Big Bad Brecht

Bertolt’s Brecht’s ‘Verfremdung’ isn’t so scary. It merely aims to be “That which makes the strange familiar, and the familiar strange.”

Feb 4 2019

Encapsulating History with Galileo

Director Vivienne Benesch takes a bold move toward mixing the past, present, and future in PlayMakers’ “Life of Galileo.”

Jan 23 2019

Resources for You

“Theatre is a demonstration of the terms of our well being and is therefore valuable for the purpose of exposing wounds which have remained unhealed.”

Jan 17 2019

The Dynamic Duo

What could possibly be more exciting than PlayMakers hosting a world premiere? The next-big-thing playwright and director-on-the-rise who are bringing it to life.