Oct 17 2016

Danforth’s Journal: Week Three

Some unsettling things have come up as we’ve been rehearsing… Plays are, of course, always about more than the specific story that happens… So, while adolsecent girls in the play experiment with dancing in the woods and thinking about love (and sex), the grown-ups are searching desperately for the cause of a mysterious illness that seems to be striking them… And there’s fear in that search.

Oct 14 2016

Timelessness Through Design with Grier Coleman

Although Arthur Miller’s The Crucible takes place in the late 17th century, no theatrical element can bring the play to life in a new, redesigned perspective more clearly than Grier Coleman’s costume design. As soon as the lights up come, our audience will realize, as Grier puts it, “This isn’t your grandmother’s Crucible!”

Oct 7 2016

Danforth’s Journal: Week Two

This week we had a our first “stumble-through” with the first-pass at the staging…Exciting, but “miles to go before we sleep…”

Oct 3 2016

Carolina Conversation: Detroit ’67 to Charlotte ’16

Dramaturg Jacqueline E. Lawton sat down with a panel of students and faculty after the October 2nd matinee performance of to discuss connections and similarities between the play and recent events concerning the black community and police brutality in Charlotte, NC.

Sep 25 2016

Danforth’s Journal: Week One

PlayMakers company member Jeffrey Blair Cornell is keeping a journal of his impressions of the process for creating our upcoming production of The Crucible. Keep checking back for more updates as the production comes together. Thursday, September 16, 2016 JP (John Patrick, Vocal Coach for PlayMakers) just sent me an email: “Yo! You around today?… Read more »

Sep 23 2016

PlayMakers’ David Adamson on Detroit in 1967

Detroit ’67 takes place nearly 50 years ago in that Motor and Music Mecca in Michigan, 656 miles away from Chapel Hill. The subject matter, however, feels immediate to us now as similar stories play out just down the road at this very moment. For David Adamson, the events of Detroit ’67 are especially close. David and his wife were living in Detroit in 1967.

Sep 22 2016

Director Lisa Rothe on Detroit ’67

DirectorLisa Rothe has been captivated by the story of Detroit ’67 since she saw its premiere in 2013 at the Public Theater. “At the heart of it all is a family, and everyone can relate to that on some level. We experience their love, anger, joy, loneliness, passion & rage as if it were our own,” she relates.

Sep 20 2016

First Rehearsal for The Crucible

Rehearsals for The Crucible are underway! The entire team gathered for the first time on September 30 to start this important and exciting journey together.

Sep 8 2016

From the Ashes: The Rise and Fall of Detroit, Part II

Despite a history of prosperity, technological innovations, a powerful and lasting Union Movement, and a rich influence on the arts and music scene, Detroit was not immune to the racial tensions, economic disparity and civil unrest of the late 60s. On Sunday, July 23 in 1967, when the 12th Street riot erupted in the early hours after a raid on an unlicensed after-hours bar, the fate of this once booming blue collar town took a turn for the worse.